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Wi-Fi All over the property


Ylang Ylang Resort-Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Costa Rica

Imagine escaping to a tropical paradise where nature’s beauty unfolds at every corner of your eye and you awake to the sound of the ocean, gently moving in your ear. If you need to escape to a secluded paradise come to Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica. Set in Montezuma Costa Rica this resort boasts a beautiful 20 acre white sand beach surrounded by verdant splendour. Situated close to the beach area you can easily take a stroll to the waters or admire the view from one’s bungalow. Apart from the beautiful flora of the area you can also be entertained by pacas, monkeys, Iguanas and agoutis whilst you dine in a romantic candle-lit dinner or a decadent and delicious breakfast.

Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica offers a tranquil environment that, apart from being removed from the rest of the world, is isolated whilst remaining in contact with the area’s residence. The closest island to the resort is a ten minute walk away from a vibrant village center.

Imagine a stress and traffic free holiday away from the frenetic pace of a big city. The resort offers transport from and to the airport, which is all inclusive of your luggage transport. Upon arrival the chick in is done at the El Sano Banano Village Hotel and café in town, which is in close proximity with the resort. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere the Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica donates a dollar a day per person to the Asepaleco Foundation, an amount that goes to the general conservation and the preservation of the area’s natural resources.

Most people who have visited the Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica highly recommend the resort and praise its quaint, relaxing atmosphere. Visitors can choose to stay in cabins; the larger cabins such as Coco Joe’s Bungalow, have overlooking balconies whilst the smaller cabins are very unique in their design, with their yellow dome-like constructions. Each of the 8 hand painted rooms is a cozy and comfortable hideaway for honeymooner’s and holiday makers. The beds are large queen size beds, the rooms contain air conditioning and satellite television and a B and B is located in-house for your convenience. The vegetation at Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica includes banana, heliconia and elephant-ear plants; in addition to this is a swimming pool and sculpted waterfall that add to instil the resort as the Utopian dream of a holiday.

The food is beautifully prepared with very fresh ingredients and includes fish dishes and delectable sushi. In addition to this, the property boasts of a highly equipped yoga studio .The staff at the resort are very hospitable and will to anything in their capacity to ensure that your stay at the resort is above all else comfortable and relaxing. The area around the resorts also boasts of a very vibrant night life, natural fauna beauty, interesting shops and galleries with unique art work.

In addition to this you can go hiking, horse-back riding, canopy flying, quadracycling, snorkeling and scuba diving.