The Ideal Destination for the Best Tropical Vacation

Working in a 9 to 5 job?

A full-time mom?

Bored of all the destinations in the US and need something refreshingly new?

You need to plan a vacation to the tropics. These beautiful islands and countries provide some of the exotic and scenic destinations on the planet that will take your breath away.

Still wondering where to go? Choose Costa Rica. This destination is always at the top of tropical vacation lists simply because of its immense natural beauty.

Plan it properly

Planning a tropical vacation takes time and effort. There are many details you must sort out before you can even think about leaving home. The best tropical vacation should offer you great natural views, a place to relax, a place to enjoy activities with your friends as well as a resort that helps you unwind at the end of the day.

If you are searching for the ideal place to stay for your next vacation in Costa Rica, consider the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

A calmer place, away from noise

The Ylang Ylang beach resort is spacious, luxury accommodations in a quiet location away from the bustling city environment. You won’t be bothered by the noise of traffic and city life here. Instead, you will be surrounded by a relaxing, calming natural environment – one that will help restore your mind, body, and spirit.

What makes Ylang Ylang the ideal destination is the location of this resort. It is close enough to the city to accommodate easy, short, and comfortable rides. You will only take minutes to reach here from the city. Move around, enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer and come back to enjoy the sunset in one of our serene ocean-facing bungalows.

Ylang Ylang is not just a resort, it is a small world of its own existing in paradise- Costa Rica. We welcome you all here. Hope you have a great time.

Planning the Perfect Tropical Wedding in Costa Rica


Congratulations! You just chose to organize your wedding in one of the most beautiful and scenic location in the tropics- Costa Rica. You deserve kudos for selecting a location that is both exotic and modern and offers a delight to your guests.

But wait!

If you are planning a tropical wedding, you must choose the perfect destination for it too!


Don’t worry. We will help you. Just choose Ylang Ylang beach resort and all your worries will be gone in an instant.

Don’t believe us? Then read on to find why?

The resort fulfills all these promises and offers you the perfect wedding experience too. Here is a checklist that helps you find the right destination for your wedding and finding out why Ylang Ylang is the best.

  • Choose your destination. When selecting the location for your wedding, keep in mind the number of guests you plan to host. The Ylang Ylang can host as many guests as you would like as it is a big resort with ample rooms. It even offers you a special wedding package that could possibly help you in planning your wedding in a better way.
  • Plan your menu. Tropical weddings need light, airy dining accommodations as well as sumptuous, fresh foods. The Ylang Ylang offers some of the finest beach dining options you can find – perfect for you and your guests. On our menu, you can choose from a wide selection of foods, right from vegan to non-vegetarian, each one perfectly prepared and packed full of flavor.
  • Plan your reception. A wedding needs a reception, a time when guests can help you celebrate your new union. The Ylang Ylang has the means to help you prepare the perfect reception. A beach reception is a perfect way to end the evening. Enjoy our clean, sandy beaches with your friends and family.

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is one of the best tropical hotels in Costa Rica. It has hosted many beautiful tropical weddings at our resort and can make your big day special too.

Enjoy a True Tropical Vacation at the Ylang Ylang


Everyone loves a tropical vacation. It comes with serene beaches, white sand, blue oceans, and a starry sky. Add some delicious tropical fruits, a bubbly cocktail and some nautical themed clothes to the mix. The outcome is you have the recipe for the most memorable vacation of your life.

Tropical vacation must for restoring your energy

A tropical vacation should ideally leave you rested, relaxed and restores. The Ylang Ylang beach is the perfect destination for the same. It offers you everything from beautiful beaches to the best beach dining experience in the world that provides you a holiday of a lifetime.

garden patio costa rica

Still thinking why you should go to the Ylang Ylang for your next tropical vacation? Here are the reasons why.

  • Privacy and seclusion – The resort is located at a secluded place. However, it manages to be well connected. Hence, transport to and from the city is easy but you also get to enjoy your own private space.
  • Romance – moonlit beach dinners, rooms with a view, packages geared for couples – we have everything you need for a special getaway with the one you love.
  • Nature – the grounds of the Ylang Ylang are not sidewalks and buildings – instead, you can lose yourself in the natural landscape of Costa Rica. Enjoy nature walks and observe the various creatures, native to the land, in their natural habitats.
  • Luxury accommodations – bungalows, cabins and traditional rooms provide you with plenty of options for your own private hideaway.
  • Events – The Ylang Ylang strives to create special events to help you have the vacation of a lifetime. Check out our coming events, such as the Christmas and New Year’s Eve event. All our event specials are free for our guests

tropical resort costa rica

We all would love to disconnect from the hustle-bustle of daily life and enjoy some time with nature at a place where we can just be ourselves. Costa Rica is such a place and Ylang Ylang is the perfect destination for fulfilling your true tropical vacation dream.

The Perfect Hotel Resort for Newlywed Couples


One should plan for their honeymoon at the time of preparing guest list. The way your wedding dress is important same way, the place where you will go after marriage is significant.

You don’t want to leave an awkward empty space between your wedding and your honeymoon. Many newlyweds prefer Costa Rica for their honeymoon and you too can plan to stay here with your spouse for a few days.

Factors to consider

So let’s look at the factors one should consider. One of the best resorts in Costa Rica is located near Montezuma – it is the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. The Ylang Ylang beach resort is not your average hotel resort. It is a luxurious, secluded, and a private destination suitable for singles, families and, of course, couples. The Ylang Ylang is a top destination choice for newlywed couples – and with good reason.

The Ylang Ylang offers several honeymoon packages. The packages are designed to capture the romance of the moment and help each couple create lasting memories.

  • Harmony of Happiness – this package includes 3 nights in a bungalow, breakfast, and dinner, complimentary cocktails, and private dining on the beach.
  • Ever After – this package includes 4 nights in a bungalow, breakfast, and dinner, complimentary cocktails, private dining on the beach, complimentary bottle of champagne, and a couple’s massage.
  • Sunrise of Passion – this package includes the room of your choice, complimentary cocktails and bottle of champagne, beach dining, and a couple’s massage.

They say that every place you go with the one you love turns into a paradise. Furthermore, when you are walking on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, you know what a paradise truly feels like. The world offers too many distractions. Why don’t you take your sweetheart on a vacation they will never forget? Enjoy some time beneath the starry sky and give each other some much needed time. It will all be worth the effort.

The Joy of a Ylang Ylang Beach Vacation

Ylang Ylang Is The Real Getaway Place in Montezuma

ocean view on the beach at ylang ylang montezuma costa rica

When taking a vacation, you have many options available. You can take a cruise through the Caribbean, spend a week skiing in the mountains, and enjoy a cross-country drive as you take in all the sights.

Your vacation is your chance to get away and do something you want to do, something for yourself for a change.

The options are endless – you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want. If you really want a restful, rejuvenating trip, consider taking a beach vacation.

The Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica is the ideal destination for a beach vacation. Here, the lush landscaping, full of nature’s creatures, will surround you.

You can rest your body and your soul in any one of our numerous suites and bungalows. There is no rush at the Ylang Ylang, no time card to punch, no deadlines to meet.

Here, you will be in your own, private oasis, a virtual Garden of Eden – secluded, yet close enough to local activities to ensure a well-rounded Costa Rican experience.

The choice is yours – wouldn’t you rather spend your vacation in peace on a sandy beach, sipping cool drinks in the warm sun? If the answer is yes, contact the Ylang Ylang today and reserve your top-notch accommodations.