A Relaxing Vacation in the Most Relaxing of Places

Taking a relaxing vacation to Costa Rica is the ideal way to spend a few weeks of your summer. Costa Rica has numerous activities and attractions to please even the pickiest of visitors. From swimming in the warm, ocean waters, to taking a peaceful stroll on the white beaches or through the protected jungle.

Costa Rica is sure to please. If you crave the lights and action of city life, spend some time in Montezuma or other Costa Rican cities to fulfill your desire for excitement. If you prefer some quiet solitude, spend some time at the Ylang Ylang, where you will find peaceful seclusion and a variety of relaxing activities.
Here at the Ylang Ylang, we understand the importance of making your time away from home special. It is not every day that you can take a vacation, so you want your time away to be unforgettable. That is why we strive to provide each one of our guests with the most luxurious of accommodations, as well as the most relaxing of activities.

From our luxury spa treatments to our revitalizing beach yoga sessions, you will soon find yourself feeling whole again. If you desire something more than we offer, Montezuma is only a few minutes away, providing you with quick and easy access to the city life of Costa Rica.

Your next relaxing vacation should be spent in a location that offers everything you need – luxury, peace, quiet, and a little bit of action. The Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica offers all of that and so much more. Contact us today to learn more and to reserve your room.

Three Things to Remember While Planning a Romantic Honeymoon

romantic beach dinner at ylang ylang in montezuma costa rica

Planning the perfect romantic honeymoon can seem like an intimidating task. There are so many details to address, and you want each one to be absolutely perfect. This is your honeymoon – you want it to be the most unforgettable time of your new marital life. That is why Costa Rica is such a great destination for honeymoons.

From the gorgeous jungle greenery to the white, sandy beaches and warm ocean waters, you simply cannot find a more memorable and romantic destination for a honeymoon. Here are some tips for planning your honeymoon in the beautiful tropical paradise known as Costa Rica. 

  • Take care of the necessary paperwork well in advance of your departure date. You may be busy with wedding plans, but you cannot afford to overlook the documentation needed to travel out of the country. If you wait too long, you may not be able to complete all of the steps before your honeymoon arrives.
  • Pay attention to the location of your hotel. This is your honeymoon, so make sure you choose one that will provide you with the peaceful seclusion you desire for this romantic time of your life. The Ylang Ylang is a perfect destination, because we have a secluded location on the beach, yet we are only minutes away from Montezuma.
  • Keep your budget in mind, but try not to pinch too many pennies. Again, this is your honeymoon – now is not the time for over-the-top frugality. Make the most of your honeymoon with romantic activities designed for newlyweds. The Ylang Ylang offers numerous romance packages that are perfect for your honeymoon.

A Romantic Vacation to Costa Rica to Express Your Feelings


When you finally meet someone special, someone, that you can see yourself building a future with, you want to find a way to express your feelings. Telling someone that you love them for the first time should be done in a special, unique way.

You want to make this emotional expression unforgettable! Instead of blurting out your feelings on the subway or in the car, consider taking a romantic vacation to Costa Rica. Here, you can surround your special someone in a tropical, romantic environment – one that is the ideal setting for sharing those three special words.

Reserve a bungalow at Ylang Ylang

Finding the right hotel in Costa Rica for your romantic getaway is easy – reserve a bungalow at the Ylang Ylang. Here, romance is one of our specialties. Our secluded location on the beach creates the perfect atmosphere for sharing your feelings. Picture it: a moonlit dinner for two on the beach, with the waves as your background music – there is no better setting in which to reveal your love!

Your private bungalow provides the perfect romantic escape to spend quiet time together just being in love. We offer various romance packages to help you create the right mood for each day of your romantic vacation.

Most memorable moments

If you are ready to profess your love for that special someone in your life, Costa Rica is the place to do it – and the staff here at the Ylang Ylang are ready to help you make some amazing memories. Contact us today to reserve your bungalow and choose from our various romantic packages to create an unforgettable ambiance of love!

Tips for Your First Visit to Costa Rica

As you try to plan your first vacation to Costa Rica, you may find yourself feeling intimidated. Traveling to Costa Rica means traveling out of the country – and many people find this type of travel quite stressful.

There are numerous things you must do before you can go to Costa Rica. You must make sure you have all of your travel documents in order, such as your passport, and this can take time. That is why you should start your planning well in advance of your scheduled vacation. Here are some other useful tips for helping you plan your first trip to Costa Rica.

  • Compare hotels in Costa Rica to find the one that offers the most benefits for the best price. The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is one of the leading luxury hotels in Costa Rica, and it is sure to fit your every need. Prices are competitive and package deals are often available.
  • Plan a flexible itinerary. The last thing you want to do on your vacation is tie yourself down every day. Give yourself plenty of free time to explore the area or simply rest and relax on the beach.
  • Budget your funds accordingly –and plan for the unexpected. When traveling anywhere, it is always a good idea to have an emergency fund just in case. You should also designate a certain amount of money for each day to ensure that your funds last for your entire vacation.

For more helpful tips and advice, contact us here at the Ylang Ylang – our professional staff is standing by to assist you in planning the perfect Costa Rican vacation.

Reasons to Stay at the Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica

The Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica is one of the leading beach resorts in this beautiful country. At the Ylang Ylang, you will enjoy the luxury that is above and beyond anything you might find at another resort.

We specialize in providing our guests with everything they can possibly need to enjoy a long, relaxing, and restorative vacation in Costa Rica. From our luxury spa treatments to our quiet, secluded location, you, too, can immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Costa Rica!

Some of the luxuries you can enjoy at the Ylang Ylang include:

  • Exquisite comfort in our luxury suites and bungalows
  • Moonlit dining on the beach
  • Luxury spa sessions with our trained professionals
  • Restorative yoga sessions on the beach
  • Nature walks through the surrounding, lush jungle
  • Easy accessibility to Montezuma for city life and activities
  • Tropical pool
  • Guards on duty 24 hours a day
  • Wireless internet (in case you need to touch base with home)
  • Much, much more

When you visit Costa Rica, you deserve to have the vacation of a lifetime. You deserve to have luxury accommodations and top-notch service. Here at the Ylang Ylang, you can have all of that and more!

Our luxurious surroundings and accommodations are sure to fulfill your need for comfort, while our close proximity to Montezuma provides you with ample opportunity to enjoy the city life – without sacrificing the peace and tranquility of our private location. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of staying at the Ylang Ylang and find out about our package deals, events, and other amenities.

The Ylang Ylang Luxury Spa Treatment


When you travel to Costa Rica, you are sure to want to enjoy the fast-paced activities we have to offer. You may find yourself scuba-diving off the coast, relishing the beautiful creatures of the sea. You may decide to try your hand at surfing or body-boarding, fulfilling your need for speed and excitement. However, there will come a time when your body no longer requires excitement – a time when it requires restoration, peace and relaxation. That is where a spa treatment can come in handy. Here at the Ylang Ylang, we take great pride in our luxury, on-site spa facility. This is simply not your average spa.

At the Ylang Ylang Spa, you will enjoy only the most natural methods of body and mind restoration. We utilize only the finest ingredients in each one of our treatments. We do this to ensure that every aspect of your body is not overlooked – your mind and your soul included. A day at our spa is going to leave you refreshed, revitalized, and feeling like a brand-new person. We offer a wide range of spa services, including facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures. Choose a package deal to give your body a full day of beauty, restoration, and bliss. Let our professionals help put your mind, body and soul back in balance. Come to our spa – let us surround your body with nature and all of its elements. Contact us today to arrange for your first appointment at our luxury spa – it is certain to be the first of many.

Why You Should Visit the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Traveling to Costa Rica is one of the most memorable ways to spend a vacation. Costa Rica has something to offer everyone. If you enjoy the excitement of city life, a trip to Montezuma is sure to satisfy your hunger for action. If you prefer quiet solitude, a leisurely stroll on a pristine beach with the water lapping at your ankles will give you the peace you need. Here at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, we are the place to go for both of those needs, as well as many others. We are nestled in the beautiful natural environment of Costa Rica. We provide peace, quiet and seclusion. Yet, we are only a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Montezuma. Here, you can have the best of both worlds.

As you plan your trip to Costa Rica, let one of our helpful staff assist you in mapping out the details. Not only will your stay in one of our luxurious bungalows or suites be unforgettable, the myriad of activities we offer will be more than memorable. Arrange for a yoga session in the morning sun on the sandy beach. Make an appointment for a day of pampering at our luxury spa. Dine on some of the finest cuisine you will find in Costa Rica. Here at the Ylang Ylang, we make every effort to keep all of our guests happy and fulfilled. Contact us today and let us map out your vacation details – you simply cannot go wrong with a visit to our beach resort in Costa Rica.

The Allure of Weddings in Costa Rica

When you have met the love of your life, the only thing you want to do is start planning for the future. The future often involves getting married. Marriage seals the deal – it lets the world know that your heart is spoken for, that you have finally found “the one.” When you pop the question to your beloved, it becomes necessary to start planning a wedding. Instead of dealing with the hassle and headache of a full-blown wedding at home, consider the romance and allure of weddings in Costa Rica – particularly, an elopement.

Imagine jetting off into the sunset with your beloved to Costa Rica. Here, you and the love of your life can exchange vows on the warm, sandy beaches of Costa Rica. The waves lapping at the shore can be your wedding music, the locals can be your witnesses, and the lush greenery can be your wedding flowers. With an elopement, you will not have to worry about caterers, invitations, showers, flowers, dresses, tuxedos, and all the rest that goes with a traditional wedding. All that is required is you and your soon-to-be spouse – the staff at the Ylang Ylang can take care of the rest. Here, we offer various wedding packages, including elopement packages, to help you plan the perfect ceremony to celebrate your union. Even if you decide that you do want the full-blown wedding, we offer many packages to give you the ceremony that you want – large or small, extravagant or budget-friendly. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding and elopement packages.