Traditional Costa Rican Foods

Traditional Costa Rican Foods

While on your Costa Rica vacation, you will experience the culture and food of the Central American country. At the hotels and in the villages, you will find many different types of local food. For picky guests, there are some American, Italian and Mediterranean options available. However, your vacation is not complete without trying some of the country’s delicious traditional meals.
The food is flavorful and mild, with fresh ingredients. Some common types of staples are:

  • Fresh local fruit
  • Fresh local vegetables
  • Rice
  • Black beans

The Costa Rican national dish is the gallo pinto, a breakfast meal. It consists of rice and black beans, mixed with onions and bell peppers. The traditional lunch meal is called the casado. It is a plate of rice, beans, meat and salad. The meat options are usually fish, pork, chicken or carne asada. It is common to have tortillas, fried plantains and cheese on the side. Expect to be offered some Salsa Lizano, a popular condiment sauce that is sweet, but spicy.
For dinner, expect to have some Arroz con pollo, or rice with chicken, which is commonly served with a large Russian salad. Tavern food is popular; with small dishes served that have dip on the side. Most options contain a meat, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Vegetables from the squash family are most abundant within meals, as well as potatoes, onions and peppers.
Beverages found in Costa Rica are similar to other areas of North and South America. Coffee is a national drink, with fresh coffee beans available. Other than coffee, another local drink is the agua dulce, or sweet water. It is water or milk with boiled down sugar cane added.
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The Wildlife of Montezuma

After booking rooms in hotels in Costa Rica, your vacation begins. There are many things to explore in the Montezuma area. Eco tourism is very popular here, with multiple wildlife reserves to visit and many other places to become one with nature.


  • The Curu National Wildlife Refuge offers tours to see all the different wildlife in the area. Watch many different birds in the refuge, including macaws. On site is also an artificial reef, which can be viewed during diving tours.
  • Many areas within and around Montezuma are open to hiking. While hiking, you are likely to see many different species of monkey, deer and even pumas. Early in the morning, more animals are out for you to see.
  • Horseback riding tours are plentiful in the area. On horseback, you can ride trails through the rainforest to different waterfalls, taking in nature along the way. On these trips, you are likely to see a lot of the natural wildlife in the area.
  • Take a boat tour to go whale watching. Along the way, you are likely to meet dolphins and sea turtles. Scuba diving gives you more opportunities to interact with the fish, sharks and other ocean life.

There are only a small number of the places you can view the local wildlife near Montezuma. The whole area is teeming with preserves and national parks. No matter what type of activities you fancy, you will find them in the area, with so much more waiting for you in other parts of the country.

The Top 3 Hot Springs in Costa Rica

When you plan your Costa Rica vacation, plan to visit one of the hot springs and spas located in the volcanic regions. Many people do not realize that Costa Rica has volcanoes, let alone hot springs, but the country does. There are many different spas that offer the natural hot springs, but below are the top 3 that you should consider visiting after a rejuvenating stay at the Ylang Ylang resort.


  1. Tabacon. The thermal springs at Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort offers guests a close encounter with nature at its best. The hot springs here are located among lush gardens and the natural rain forest. The springs are heated by the nearby Arenal Volcano, which heats the water up to 122 degrees. Other spa services are available on site, too.
  2. The Springs at Arenal. The Springs Resort offers 18 different hot springs within its property near the Arenal Volcano. The property is filled with lush gardens among the rainforest and wildlife preserve.
  3. Baldi. The Baldi Hot Springs is a unique destination. They offer 25 different water pools heated by the volcano, but also have three large water slides on the large property, which rests at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. Other services include a full service spa, pools and a sauna.

Hot springs are a feature of a volcanic area that creates a unique experience for the whole family. Costa Rica offers many of these hot springs around the many volcanoes within the country’s borders. Stay for the day, or book a vacation at one of the many spas or resorts.
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Book Your Destination Wedding at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Wedding at Ylang Ylang

Run away and travel to Costa Rica to have a wedding in paradise. At Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, you can have a wedding you’ll never forget. No matter what type of wedding package you need, you can find it here. Book either an Elopement Package or a Group Wedding Package, depending on your needs and situation.
Take your vows right on the beach with a beautiful view of the ocean at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. Your wedding will be stress-free, and you will be at the best accommodations in Montezuma. With a destination wedding, there will be no need to have a honeymoon anywhere else. Once the wedding is over, spend your days exploring what Costa Rica has to offer.
The rain forest and hot springs at the local spas await you after the ceremony is over. Choose a day or an evening wedding that is custom to your needs and tastes. Not only will you have an accommodation in paradise, but your wedding will be in paradise, too. Experience local gourmet food and music during your special day while family and friends look on. Don’t forget to take advantage of the beautiful resort grounds for your wedding photography.
In Costa Rica, your wedding truly will be the best day of your life. You will share this special day with the ones you love in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Remember to book during the dry season for an outdoor wedding that you’ll never forget.

Visit the Volcanoes of Costa Rica

While on your Costa Rica vacation, take note of some of the natural features of the country. Costa Rica is home to three recently active volcanoes: the Poas, Irazu and Arenal. You can visit the Arenal Observatory Lodge, overlooking the Arenal Volcano, which is just 1.7 miles away.


  1. Poas. The Poas Volcano is located in the Poas Volcano National Park. It is an active stratovolcano that has erupted multiple times in the last 100 years. The main crater is located at the summit and is a lake. The lake has an acidic pH that varies from 4 to 0. There is no aquatic life in the acid lake. The lake waters cause acid rain in the region.
  2. Irazu. Inside the Irazu Volcano National Park lies the summit of Irazu. It is the largest volcano in the country, at 11,260 feet at the summit. The volcano has 5 craters, the largest of which is The Main Crater. There is a road from San Jose that leads to the volcano, and a bus that takes tourists to the top of the summit.
  3. Arenal. The Arenal Volcano is located in the center of the Arenal Volcano National Park. Up unto 2010, the volcano erupted often, but has since become dormant. Many hotels and lodges are available in the park.

When visiting the volcanoes of Costa Rica, remember that these volcanoes are only dormant and could erupt at any time. However, this is unlikely to occur.
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Travel to Costa Rica for Corcovado Beach

Many people travel to Costa Rica for the beautiful beaches. The beaches there are known worldwide for their beauty. One of the most remote but beautiful beaches is the Corcovado Beach in the Parque Nacional Corcovado.
Why Travel There?
If you love nature, you’ll love this part of Costa Rica. Here, you’ll find one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Four different species of monkeys, two species of crocodiles, four large cat species, and many small mammals and birds are located here.
When to Travel
Since this national park is located in one of the most remote areas of the country, only attempt travel in the dry season. During the wet season, it might be hard to get into the park. You can get there by traveling along the beaches from the north and south. From the east, take a 13km hike from east to west.
The Beach
The beach at Corcovado is beautiful, but deadly. Black sand covers the beach, leading into the rain forest. The tides are especially strong here and sharks are always present in the waters. The crocodiles there can tolerate salt water, which means you need to watch for them, too.
This national park area offers a lot to do, including hiking and bird watching. You will need to be careful of the natural wildlife, as well as the tides and crocodiles. Bring plenty of water when visiting to avoid dehydration. A portable water sanitation device would be helpful too.
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Go River Rafting in Costa Rica

Go River Rafting in Costa Rica

Consider going river rafting during your next Costa Rica vacation. River rafting is a fun activity in which a group rides a large inflatable raft down rapids in a river. There are different types of rapids, but no two rivers are the same. Since there are more rivers per square kilometer than anywhere else on earth, Costa Rica is a great place to go rafting.
Turrialba: The Capital of Rafting
One of the most popular places to go rafting is Turrialba. It is a large town located in the mountains close to the Pacuare and Reventazon Rivers. This area is located on the Caribbean slope of the small country.
Other Popular Areas
Several areas within the Arenal Volcano National Park are incredibly popular with rafters. Two rivers inside the park, the Toro and Sarapiqui Rivers, are both are very popular with whitewater rafters. The Rio Balsa area is also popular, with Class II and III rapids for experienced rafters.
Class IV+ Rapids
Several rivers offer Class IV rapids, which are very difficult rapids to traverse. Expert rafters should only attempt anything above Class IV. The Tenorio River offers Class IV rapids, as well as areas of the Pacuare River and Savegre River. For the most difficult rapids, visit the Chorro Section of the Naranjo River. This section is open from December to May.
River rafting is fun, but consider your skill level before you jump out into a raft or kayak. You’ll need experience for most of the rapids, and some places will require expert experience.
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5 Must-See Attractions in the Montezuma Area

When you travel to Costa Rica, consider staying in the Montezuma area. This area offers some of the best attractions, food and nightlife in the whole country. The town is located on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula of the Latin American country. The area is very popular with tourists for all the things there are to do and see.

1.  Costa Rica International Film Festival. In November of each year is the Costa Rica International Film Festival. Here you can see a diverse array of independent films that are made by amateur and professional directors alike. Watch hundreds of films over the four day festival and attend after parties in many of the bars.


2.  Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve. Many eco-tourists flock to this nature reserve each year. It covers just over 3,000 acres and contains many diverse species of plants, animals and birds. Travelers can step foot into two diverse forest regions, dry and wet. Both areas have different types of flora and fauna.


3.  Horseback Riding Expeditions on the Beach. Ride horses along the beach or through the jungle. Exploring the area by horse gives travelers a unique experience not available anywhere else. Ride with a group or arrange for a private session.


4.  Montezuma Falls. The stunning waterfalls in Montezuma are a tourist favorite. Swim or go hiking in the area for the day.


5.  Zumatours Fishing. Fishing tours are fun for the whole family. The private charter tours will take you out where you can deep sea fish, or go diving or snorkeling off the coast of Costa Rica.

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Ylang Ylang Beach Resort’s Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine's Day 2014

On Friday, February 14, 2014, Ylang Ylang Beach Resort celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special romantic dinner for both families and lovers. Those on their Costa Rica vacation at the resort met together in the evening to celebrate “love day.” This celebration included great food and live entertainment.
The evening started with a huge beach bonfire. Families gathered to share the evening around the fire, have small talk and enjoy the beach. Later, local Montezuma youth gathered together for a live orchestra performance. Then, in the tropical gardens, the Metamorphosis Ballet performed. Their ballet featured the talented Marlowe Basset and Yaan Gulledge.
Guests were served a traditional Costa Rican buffet-style dinner. The gourmet buffet was all-you-can-eat, allowing guests to indulge in the wonderful fresh food. Eating dinner outside under the stars was a magical way to enjoy the romantic holiday in Costa Rica. Between the bonfire and the one-of-a-kind performances of the orchestra and ballet, the evening was a great success.
The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is located in the heart of Costa Rica on the Montezuma Beach. It is the ultimate tropical destination with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The resort’s suites offer up a breathtaking view of the ocean. Spend time in the spa, at the beach or in the on-site pool for a day of relaxation while on vacation. The resort offers ultimate relaxation, while the area offers up many places to explore.
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The Top 5 Costa Rican Beaches

Those who travel to Costa Rica likely do it to see the amazing beaches there. The small, Latin American country is most well known for their beautiful beaches, some of the most beautiful in the whole world. The ocean waters are warm year round, and the beach communities have a rich offering of lodging and activities for tourists. More than two thirds of the country is made up of beaches, with five of the most popular listed below:

  1. Beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula. No, this is not just one beach, but a whole peninsula full of the beautiful white sand. The beaches here are not as lively as the ones closer to larger cities like Montezuma, but they are a lot more relaxing and remote.

  3. Manuel Antonio. This beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. It has two horseshoe bays with white, clean sand. Hills rise close by, topped with jungle vegetation. While there, you can also visit the waterfalls nearby in the hills.

  5. Playa Dominical. Playa Dominical is 30 miles south of Manuel Antonio. It is a popular spot for surfers, with surf camps located nearby. Even for those who do not surf, the beach is beautiful and quiet. There is also a good nightlife scene in the town.

  7. Montezuma. Montezuma is one of the largest beach communities. It is located on the inner part of the Nicoya Peninsula. The beach here is diverse, with lots of local wildlife, waterfalls and tidal pools.

  9. Tortuquero. Tortuquero is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. This beach is the most popular with the eco tourists. The area boasts hiking, endangered wildlife and guided safaris.

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Bird Watching in Costa Rica

During a Costa Rica vacation, many visitors are not sure of what to do. The small Latin American country offers so much to go out and do that you might become overwhelmed. One very popular and relaxing activity is bird watching. With more than 840 species of birds, you could spend a whole year devoted to this activity.

Costa Rica only contains 0.1% of the world’s landmass. It is a very small country. However, 5% of the world’s biodiversity is located here. Also, much of the land in the country is made up of national parks and protected areas. This means that there are numerous areas to view many of the different bird species.

Well-known Costa Rican bird species:
• Scarlet macaw
• Keel-billed toucan
• Three-wattled bellbird
• Resplendent quetzal
• Bare-necked umbrella bird

Not only can you explore the jungle to watch birds on your own, but you can also take part in a tour. There are numerous bird watching tours across the country. There are six distinct ornithological regions within Costa Rica. The regions vary across the country, ranging from sea level to the mountains.

Bird watching regions:
• Highlands
• Littoral of the Caribbean
• North Pacific
• South Pacific
• Central Valley
With all of the regions to explore, you could spend your whole stay bird watching. Bird species will vary with the season, but since the area is sub-tropical, you will still see most species year round in many areas. Plan your stay in an area close to where you would prefer to bird watch. This will make it easier to get on with one of the tours.

40% off Your 4th Night Stay at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Luxury Cabin

When looking for hotels in Costa Rica, consider the beautiful Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. Throughout the year, Ylang Ylang offers discounts and promotions on your vacation. Right now, the resort is offering a promotion on your 4-night stay.

If you stay in a tent cabin for 3 nights, you can get the 4th for 40% the regular price during your stay. Your stay must be between the dates of March 10, 2014 and April 10,, 2014. This applies to reservations made directly with us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort between the dates of February 15, 2014 and March 10, 2014.

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