Tips to Prepare for Travel to Costa Rica


If you are trying to plan a vacation to Costa Rica, there are many options to consider and details to plan. When you travel to Costa Rica, you cannot simply hop on a plane and go. There are various aspects that must be addressed before you can ever leave your country. These tips will help ensure that you are ready for your trip to Costa Rica, whether it is your first trip or your tenth trip.

  • Documents – speak with a travel agent to determine the documentation you will need to travel to another country. Without the proper paperwork, you will not be granted entry to Costa Rica.
  • Packing – research the weather in Costa Rica for the time that you will be visiting. Pack accordingly. The last thing you want to do is arrive in Costa Rica, only to find out it is the rainy season, and you didn’t even pack an umbrella.
  • Activities research the activities available in the area where you will be visiting. Some activities need to be booked in advance. Making reservations now for the things you want to do will ensure that you experience everything you want in Costa Rica.