A Relaxing Vacation in the Most Relaxing of Places

Taking a relaxing vacation to Costa Rica is the ideal way to spend a few weeks of your summer. Costa Rica has numerous activities and attractions to please even the pickiest of visitors. From swimming in the warm, ocean waters, to taking a peaceful stroll on the white beaches or through the protected jungle.

Costa Rica is sure to please. If you crave the lights and action of city life, spend some time in Montezuma or other Costa Rican cities to fulfill your desire for excitement. If you prefer some quiet solitude, spend some time at the Ylang Ylang, where you will find peaceful seclusion and a variety of relaxing activities.
Here at the Ylang Ylang, we understand the importance of making your time away from home special. It is not every day that you can take a vacation, so you want your time away to be unforgettable. That is why we strive to provide each one of our guests with the most luxurious of accommodations, as well as the most relaxing of activities.

From our luxury spa treatments to our revitalizing beach yoga sessions, you will soon find yourself feeling whole again. If you desire something more than we offer, Montezuma is only a few minutes away, providing you with quick and easy access to the city life of Costa Rica.

Your next relaxing vacation should be spent in a location that offers everything you need – luxury, peace, quiet, and a little bit of action. The Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica offers all of that and so much more. Contact us today to learn more and to reserve your room.