A Stay in the El Sano Banano Village Saves Money without Sacrificing Quality

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, but your budget is not quite as much as you would like, you can still enjoy the beauty and magnificence of this fine country without spending a fortune. You just have to be a budget-minded traveler. This includes choosing accommodations that are clean, quaint, and comfortable. At the El Sano Banano Village in Montezuma, the El Sano Banano hotel is the answer to your budget problems. This particular hotel is a sister hotel to the renowned Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. The El Sano Banano ensures the same level of customer service and care.

At the El Sano Banano hotel, you will be situated right in the heart of Montezuma. However, the location is such that you will not be disturbed by noisy nightlife – you can sleep in peace and quiet. The El Sano Banano is located near many of Montezuma’s premier tourist attractions. You can enjoy long walks on the beautiful beaches, scuba diving in the warm ocean waters, and even partake of some of the Ylang Ylang’s luxury amenities, such as their swimming pool. Together, the Ylang Ylang and the El Sano Banano hotel help thousands of people from all budget areas enjoy the beauty and wonder of Costa Rica. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful sister hotel and how it can save you money on your vacation, without sacrificing the quality you expect from the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.