Yoga in Montezuma Costa Rica

Montezuma, Costa Rica is the perfect place to detach from your busy life and connect with yourself on the mat. Montezuma offers a number of different classes and styles to fit your needs, offered at varying times throughout the day to fit your schedule. Here at Ylang Ylang Beach Front Yoga Studio, we offer classes twice a day, everyday at 8:15am and 4:30pm. We offer vinyasa, hatha, kundalini, and gentle flow classes. Our beach front studio offers stunning views of the beach and ocean. You’ll practice to the lull of the ocean and sounds of nature surrounding. Yoga in Montezuma Costa Rica is the ideal location to get into your yoga practice. yoga in costa rica yoga in montezuma costa rica yoga montezuma yoga

Monkeys in Costa Rica

There are two different types of monkeys that you will see in the Montezuma area. There are white faced monkeys (or white throated capuchin), which are very small and active animals.They were given this name because of the white fur they have around their face and shoulders. white faced monkey in costa ricaIMG_0248

monkey in costa rica

There are also Howler monkeys. The Howler monkey has been given this name because of the loud and deep howl that they make. The Howler monkey has all very dark fur and face. Keep a look out for both types of monkeys while here at Ylang Ylang! The white faced monkeys are often easier to spot, but you will surely hear the Howlers at some point during your stay!

howler monkey in costa rica

howler monkey costa rica

Wildlife in Montezuma Costa Rica

Right here at Ylang Ylang, you can find some incredible wildlife. Wildlife in Montezuma Costa Rica is abundant and exciting. These photos below were taken just recently here on the Ylang Ylang property and were all seen within a few hours! Here at Ylang Ylang, we try our best to be as unobtrusive as possible and live in harmony with the wildlife. We ask that you please do not get too close to the animals and do not try to feed them. howler monkey costa rica white faced monkey in costa rica iguana in costa rica

Spa Packages in Costa Rica

For guests not staying with us at Ylang Ylang, we have a great option for enjoying our amenities. Our Day Packages are open to the public (either half or full day packages and include access to the resort facilities. Including the pool and hammocks. The packages also include a drink and lunch (full day package). Our massage therapists will welcome you to Ylang Ylang with a drink, show you around and take you to the spa where you will receive your treatments. spa treatmentsSpa at Ylang Ylang Beach ResortCome enjoy one of our spa packages in Costa Rica!   spa packagespa package

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Green Energy

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is always looking for new ways to conserve energy and be as efficient as possible. We are excited to be a part of ecotourism in Costa Rica. We have added solar panels that produce up to 16,000 watts of peak energy when the sun shines brightly. The solar panels are all located on the property in a large sunny solar garden in the jungle. We hope to get more solar panels in the future.

Solar panels

Additionally, we are installing Solar Hot Water heating units and use a system to heat water by using the air conditioning. We have also changed many of our light bulbs to LED’s and continue to gradually phase out energy wasting devices. We hope to increase our efforts and use more green energy wherever possible.

Glamorous Camping in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Tent cabin glamping in Costa Rica The tent cabins at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort offer the perfect combination between adventure and luxury or as some like to call it “glamping” (glamorous camping). The comfortable and beautiful setting of Ylang Ylang allows for you to fully immerse yourself in the nature of Costa Rica. You will be lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean while feeling the cool ocean breeze.  Likely you will be woken up in the morning by the sound of howler monkeys and birds in the trees. If you are up early enough, you will also enjoy the incredible colors of the sunrise over the water, from your front deck.

Luxury Glamping Costa Rica

The tent cabins have secure places to leave valuables, offer either a king bed or two twin beds, private bathroom and shower, and mini fridge. While the tent cabins do not have air conditioning, the ceiling fan and screened in walls provide plenty of air flow. If you are someone who would enjoy a more comfortable version of camping, and with the modern comforts of a private bathroom, clean and hot water, and a comfortable bed, the “glamping” experience in the tent cabins are for you.Luxury Glamping Costa Rica

Beach Wedding in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Beach Wedding Costa Rica

A destination beach wedding at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort offers the perfect getaway and beach vacation for both you and your guests. A trip allows for you to spend time with friends and family and relax while having the wedding of your dreams planned out perfectly. All of the wedding planning at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is customized, meaning that you can put together a wedding your way. We give you options on everything and you can choose which ones you would like to include. Our weddings can be traditional or non-traditional, incorporating whatever aspects you find important into your ceremony. Each ceremony is designed in collaboration with the bride and groom and can be performed as a legal ceremony or symbolic.

Beach Wedding Reception in Costa Rica

After the ceremony we offer a number of ways to celebrate! Our reception dinners offer a wide variety of menus for a buffet or course style dinners. We cater to every type of eater and can create a menu for vegetarian, vegan, raw or gluten free lifestyles. We have a number of different entertainment options including a DJ, Latin Band, Fire Dancing Show, guitarist and bonfire, to entertain your guests. We offer all the opportunities to have the time of your life while celebrating your beach wedding in Costa Rica!

The Hidden Gem of Ylang Ylang Beach Resort: Our Restaurant

Costa Rica Beach Resort Restaurant

There is no better place in the world to explore beaches and jungles together than Costa Rica, and our Costa Rica beach hotel offers incredible amenities sure to make our guests’ vacations the best they could possibly be. We provide travelers with unique coastal rooms and bunaglows that make each visit an adventure that will never be forgotten. Visitors also have access to an astounding number of wildlife that naturally make this area their home. While taking walks along the jungle and shores, visitors can spot varying species of wildlife that include birds, monkeys, and iguanas.

But one thing our guests tend to talk about most after their stay here is our critically-acclaimed Ylang Ylang Restaurant. Our chefs prepare decadent and elegant seafood, fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of meals for savvy world travelers. Each element of the meal comes fresh from the ocean or from local farms, orchards and plantations, delivering a depth of flavor that will awaken the taste buds like no other cuisine. Our diners have a huge variety of options when it comes to vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dishes as well. Courses can come directly off of the grill or diners can explore the many delicacies that are offered on our sushi menu.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort also gives visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal served to them directly on the beach. This romantic setting creates an appealing vacation atmosphere that brings everyone closer together. With stunning views of both moonlit skies and sweeping ocean horizons at sunset and sunrise, combined with top-notch food prepared fresh to order, it’s no wonder the restaurant leaves such a lasting impression!

Romantic Beach Dining in Costa Rica