Ecotourism in Costa Rica Maintains a Delicate Balance

The Costa Rican experience is one you will never forget. The beauty and grace of this country is unmatched. Here, you can enjoy the pristine beaches, the native wildlife, and the natural environment of lush greenery. Rather than visiting a place that is geared toward tourism, consider visiting a place that is geared toward preservation. Ecotourism in Costa Rica allows people to visit this protected country and enjoy the natural beauty without ever disturbing the delicate balance between nature and people.


Costa Rica is not geared toward building and creating tourist attractions. Instead, the natural beauty of the country draws the tourists in. With 20 natural parks and 8 biological reserves, you can partake of activities to immerse you in the beauty, such as horseback riding, nature walks, and mountain climbing. You will not be leaving a footprint on Costa Rica – you will not have to worry about impacting the environment in a bad way. Instead, you can relish the sights, sounds and views knowing that this little piece of heaven is protected from the intrusion of man. If you are ready to be one with nature, if you are ready to experience true beauty in its most natural form, then you are ready to visit Costa Rica.