Reasons to Stay at the Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica

The Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica is one of the leading beach resorts in this beautiful country. At the Ylang Ylang, you will enjoy the luxury that is above and beyond anything you might find at another resort.

We specialize in providing our guests with everything they can possibly need to enjoy a long, relaxing, and restorative vacation in Costa Rica. From our luxury spa treatments to our quiet, secluded location, you, too, can immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Costa Rica!

Some of the luxuries you can enjoy at the Ylang Ylang include:

  • Exquisite comfort in our luxury suites and bungalows
  • Moonlit dining on the beach
  • Luxury spa sessions with our trained professionals
  • Restorative yoga sessions on the beach
  • Nature walks through the surrounding, lush jungle
  • Easy accessibility to Montezuma for city life and activities
  • Tropical pool
  • Guards on duty 24 hours a day
  • Wireless internet (in case you need to touch base with home)
  • Much, much more

When you visit Costa Rica, you deserve to have the vacation of a lifetime. You deserve to have luxury accommodations and top-notch service. Here at the Ylang Ylang, you can have all of that and more!

Our luxurious surroundings and accommodations are sure to fulfill your need for comfort, while our close proximity to Montezuma provides you with ample opportunity to enjoy the city life – without sacrificing the peace and tranquility of our private location. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of staying at the Ylang Ylang and find out about our package deals, events, and other amenities.