Escape the Winter with a Beach Vacation

Escape the Winter with a Beach VacationIf you find yourself gazing out the window at the snow and the ice, longing for the sunshine, then it is time to start planning a tropical getaway. There is no better way to restore your mind, body, and spirit than with a relaxing beach vacation! Here at the Ylang Ylang, we have everything you need to make your vacation the most unforgettable getaway imaginable.

We are located in the heart of Costa Rica and directly on the beach. Our resort is one of the most luxurious resorts you will find in Costa Rica, and our customer service is top-notch. Here, you will finally have the sun, sand, and ocean waters that your heart desires – no snow, no ice, no freezing temperatures! Just pure, unadulterated bliss! Not only do we offer luxurious accommodations, such as suites and private bungalows, we also offer various on-site activities. You can enjoy a relaxing massage at our luxury spa, followed by a moonlit dinner on the beach with the one you love.

The possibilities are endless here in Costa Rica. Should you decide you want a little nightlife in your vacation, we are only a few minutes away from Montezuma. There, you will find the hustle and bustle of the city and all of the local activities and cuisine. Stop dreaming about a tropical vacation and take one! Contact us today and let one of our professionals help you plan the details of your tropical getaway and escape the cold of the winter!

Take Her on a Memorable Beach Vacation

Ylang19Taking that special someone in your life on a romantic getaway is a great way to earn some extra points. The next time you make her upset, you can casually bring up your relaxing vacation on the beach – and watch her anger fade away with the memory. Before you can start reaping the benefits of vacation memories, you have to whisk her away to a surprise location. What better destination than the beautiful surroundings of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a paradise on earth! With its lush, protected environment, you and your special someone will not be bombarded with the hustle and bustle of city life. Instead, you can relax in one of the many tropical resorts located right on the beach, such as the Ylang Ylang. Here, we are not only located on the beach; we are nestled within the natural environment that makes Costa Rica so appealing.
You and your special someone can soak up the sun on the beach one day, then take a refreshing nature walk the next – all without leaving the resort grounds. Imagine sipping a cold drink after an invigorating swim in the warm water! Imagine seeing the native wildlife in their natural habitats from the comfort of your private patio! You can even partake of our luxury, on-site spa to refresh your mind, body and soul. There is no limit to the pleasures the two of you will enjoy during your stay at the Ylang Ylang. Contact us today to make your reservations and surprise her with a memorable beach vacation.


Enjoy Our Luxury Beach Front Room for Less

Making the decision to take a beach vacation is easy – who does not enjoy a long, relaxing stay at a beachside resort? Finding the right resort for your beach vacation is just as easy – the Ylang Ylang! The Ylang Ylang beach resort is one of the leading resorts in the beautiful Costa Rica. Nestled in the quiet seclusion of the jungle greenery, right next to the warm ocean waters and white, sandy beaches, the Ylang Ylang is THE place to go for an unforgettable vacation. Even better – if you plan your vacation for November 1st through the 5th, you can reserve a luxury beach front room and enjoy significant savings!

From now until November 1st, you can save $40 per night on your beach-front reservation. Imagine staying in a gorgeous, luxury room with the beach and ocean right outside! Now, imagine staying in that gorgeous room knowing that you are saving $40 each night! There is no better way to enjoy a tropical vacation in luxury accommodations.

All you have to do is reserve your room, directly with our resort, between now and the first of November. Make sure you choose at least two dates for your stay that fall within the first and fifth of November. Then, use the coupon code, BFRNOV40, when making your reservation. That’s it – you will save $40 for each night of your stay in one of our amazing beach front rooms. During your stay, you can enjoy all that the Ylang Ylang has to offer, including yoga sessions on the beach and luxury spa treatments – or you can simply relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings of your beach-front room! Contact us today and make your money-saving reservation!

Come to Costa Rica for a Beach Vacation

Ylang41If you have decided that a beach vacation is the best way to spend your vacation time off of work, look no further than beautiful Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the world for beach vacations. We have some of the most gorgeous beaches on Earth – and our protected environment ensures that you have only the most natural experience possible. Here, you will not find a country taken over by human interference. Instead, you will find a country that lives in harmony with nature, a place where nature takes precedence over industrialization. In Costa Rica, you will not find enormous skyscrapers taking over the skyline – instead, you will find only rustic, understated buildings blending in with the natural environment.

Our protected environment is what helps to ensure that our beaches are always in the best of conditions. People come to Costa Rica from all over the world to spend time on our white sands and dip into our warm, tropical waters. If you are looking for the purest of beach vacations, if you want to experience nature as nature intended it, come to Costa Rica. Here, you will be put back in touch with Mother Nature in ways that words simply cannot describe – you just have to see it to believe it. Contact us here at the Ylang Ylang to learn more about the beauty that is Costa Rica and to find out how you can stay at our gorgeous beach resort located on some of the finest beaches Costa Rica has to offer.

Tips for Choosing a Beach Vacation Destination

If you have decided to take a beach vacation this summer, the first thing you have to do is choose the right location. There are thousands, if not millions, of beaches to choose from around the world. However, it is important to remember that beaches are different. They each have something to offer – and they each have their disadvantages. It is important to examine each option thoroughly to ensure that you choose the beach location that best fits your needs.

  • Some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a beach destination include:
    Condition of the beach – Make sure the beach has clean sands with plenty of space. The last thing you want to find is a trashy beach or a crowded beach with no private space.
  • Activities – Make sure the beach has activities other than merely lying on the sands. This will ensure that you have a fun, enjoyable time during your beach vacation.
  • Waters – Research the waters surrounding each beach to ensure that you choose a safe location, especially if you plan on taking your family with you.

A Beach Vacation after a Long Winter

If you have been looking for a way to beat the winter blues, there is never a better time for a beach vacation. A relaxing stay at a beach resort like the Ylang Ylang will help you restore your mind, body and soul, especially after a long, cold winter. You can recapture your zest for life after spending the past few months tucked away inside your home trying to escape the cold.

Imagine it – an extended stay at a luxury resort in the tropical environment of Costa Rica. Spend your days soaking up the sun on the white beaches, dipping your toes in the warm, tropical waters, and healing your spirit after Old Man Winter’s departure. Imagine a refreshing yoga session in the morning sun on the beach or a soothing massage at a luxury spa. You can have all of this and so much more – right here at the Ylang Ylang. Contact us today to reserve your room.

What You Want from a Beach Vacation

Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world for a relaxing beach vacation. When you take a vacation to the beach, you want it to be a memorable time. You want fun in the sun, warm waters and clean beaches – maybe even fruity drinks with little umbrellas. You don’t want dirty water and beaches, crowds and a general discomfort that can come with public beaches. When you visit the Ylang Ylang resort, located in one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica, you will have the beach vacation you always wanted.

We take pride in providing our guests with a private, personal approach to vacationing. We have clean, white, sandy beaches that you can enjoy with other guests – or even in private with our romantic beach dinners. You won’t fight any crowds during your visit – there is plenty of room for everyone, and you will find the secluded atmosphere to be just what you need to rest and relax. Come, visit us at the Ylang Ylang resort and let us help you soak up the sun in the sand – and sip on that fruity drink with the little umbrella.

The Perfect Spot for a Beach Vacation

If you have been searching for the perfect getaway, consider a beach vacation at the Ylang Ylang beach resort. Here at Ylang Ylang, we offer some of the finest accommodations you will find in Costa Rica – and all within easy reach of the hustle and bustle of the city of Montezuma. A beach vacation needs to be located on pristine beaches, with plenty of beach-related activities to enjoy. Ylang Ylang is located on some of the best beaches Costa Rica has to offer, and we take advantage of our ideal location.

You can enjoy moonlit dinners on the beach, yoga sessions on the beach, or just a relaxing afternoon on the beach. Take a stroll with someone special, across the warm, white sands. Enjoy a sweet drink as you lounge in a beach chair and soak up the sun. After you have had your fill of the beach, head back to the resort to enjoy our luxury suites and bungalows. By the time you leave Ylang Ylang, you will be rested, refreshed and ready to face the world.

The Joy of a Ylang Ylang Beach Vacation

When taking a vacation, you have many options available. You can take a cruise through the Caribbean, spend a week skiing in the mountains, and enjoy a cross-country drive as you take in all the sights. Your vacation is your chance to get away and do something you want to do, something for yourself for a change. The options are endless – you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want. If you really want a restful, rejuvenating trip, consider taking a beach vacation.

The Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica is the ideal destination for a beach vacation. Here, the lush landscaping, full of nature’s creatures, will surround you. You can rest your body and your soul in any one of our numerous suites and bungalows. There is no rush at the Ylang Ylang, no time card to punch, no deadlines to meet. Here, you will be in your own, private oasis, a virtual Garden of Eden – secluded, yet close enough to local activities to ensure a well-rounded Costa Rican experience. The choice is yours – wouldn’t you rather spend your vacation in peace on a sandy beach, sipping cool drinks in the warm sun? If the answer is yes, contact the Ylang Ylang today and reserve your top-notch accommodations.