Discover the World on Your Next Vacation

Have you decided to take a unique vacation to an exotic location? Have you grown weary of vacationing close to home? Are you ready to branch out and discover everything that the world has to offer? If you answered yes, then you are making a wise vacation choose – and Central America should be on your list of potential destinations.

When you hear Central America, you may find yourself wondering if this is a safe destination for the average tourist. While it is true that there are some Central American locations that may not be tourist-friendly, that is true of any location around the world. The key to enjoying a Central American vacation is to choose the right destination. Costa Rica is a beautiful country that is ripe with tourism. Our beautiful, protected environment makes Costa Rica one of the most popular destinations for people just like you – those wanting to take a “real” tropical vacation.

There are numerous Central American resorts in Costa Rica that you can choose from for your vacation. While each one has its own benefits and disadvantages, you simply cannot go wrong with the Ylang Ylang. Here, you will enjoy all of the beauty, wildlife, culture, and breathtaking sites that makes Costa Rica such a popular destination. At the Ylang Ylang, you will have luxury accommodations, top-notch customer service and access to all of the area activities and events. If you are ready to take your first out-of-country vacation, make sure Central America is on your list of possibilities – and make sure the Ylang Ylang is at the top of your list of tropical resorts.

One of the Leading Central American Resorts

Taking a trip to Central America will be one of the most memorable times of your life. Central America is a different world from the one in which you live. The environment is different, the people are different, the culture is different – the entire atmosphere is more relaxed and laid-back. Costa Rica is one of the most popular Central American destinations for vacations for numerous reasons. Costa Rica has some of the best Central American resorts. It also has captivating waters, breathtaking views, and a serene ambiance that you will not find anywhere else.

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is one of the leading Central American resorts in Costa Rica. If you are thinking about visiting Costa Rica, consider staying here. You can immerse yourself in the local activities in nearby Montezuma, or simply relax and unwind on our white, sandy beaches. We offer a level of luxury that is unmatched by other resorts, a level of luxury that will assure your satisfaction. Contact us today to learn about our special packages and make your reservation.

Questions to Ask When Comparing Central American Resorts

With so many Central American resorts available, it can be tough to choose one for your vacation destination. When trying to decide upon a resort for your next vacation, ask the following questions – they will help you determine which resort best meets your needs.

  • Is the resort located in an ideal area? If you want access to city life and activities, is the resort close enough to a city to grant you easy access? If you prefer quiet and seclusion, is the resort located in a private area away from the hustle and bustle of the city?
  • Does the resort offer activities or are you on your own? Many resorts leave it up to the guests to find things to do. Others, like the Ylang Ylang, offer various relaxing activities for guests to enjoy.
  • Does the resort offer the level of luxury you want? Not all resorts are equal. Many offer only the basics – a roof over your head and access to meals. If luxury is what you want, make sure your resort of choice offers luxury accommodations.

A Leader Among Central American Resorts

With so many Central American resorts to choose from, it can be hard to choose only one. However, your visit to Costa Rica is not likely to require more than one luxury resort. You must choose one place to stay, a place that is going to cater to your needs and wants in the best possible manner. Here at the Ylang Ylang resort, we are one of the most popular luxury resorts in Costa Rica. We offer our guests more than just a place to rest their weary heads. We offer our guests luxury accommodations, in an unforgettable environment and with amazing amenities.

When you visit our resort, prepare yourself to be pampered. You can enjoy a massage, a spa session, a yoga lesson, and fine dining on the beach in the evening. Our staff is waiting to fulfill your needs, as well as your desires. Not only will you appreciate the secluded, quiet location of our fine resort, you will also appreciate its proximity to Montezuma. In Montezuma, you can enjoy all that the city has to offer to fulfill your need for nighttime action. Contact us, today, to reserve your suite or bungalow for your Costa Rican vacation.

We Offer More than Most Central American Resorts

When you are planning a visit to Central America, you have to choose between various Central American resorts. While each one is sure to offer you something special, you will be hard-pressed to find one that offers all that we offer. Here at Ylang Ylang, you will enjoy numerous luxuries you will not find anywhere else in Costa Rica.

  • Seclusion and privacy without sacrificing activities – we are located in an area that is private and nestled within the native environment. Yet, we are close enough to Montezuma that you can still enjoy all that the city has to offer.
  • Wildlife and native greenery – here, you will enjoy the lush, green surroundings, full of Costa Rican wildlife. Nothing too dangerous, of course – just enough to keep you captivated during your walks through the surroundings.
  • Pristine beaches and beach activities – we have some of the finest beaches in Costa Rica — right out your door. You can enjoy dinners on the beach or take a yoga session on the beach. Or, you can simply take a stroll down the beach at your leisure, soaking up the sun and the scenery.

How to Select Perfect Resort for a Tropical Wedding?


Do you know which is the most scenic and exotic location in the Americas for a wedding that looks exquisite and feels marvelous? It is Central America. It has a varied culture, mind-blowing landscapes and boasts of the most humbling hospitality in the world.

Perfect wedding location is key

Planning a wedding in Central America involves choosing the perfect wedding location. There are many Central American resorts to choose from. However, these resorts are not created equal. You must know what to look for when choosing a resort for your wedding. Here is our small checklist for finding the best resort for planning a tropical wedding.

  • Wedding packages – while there are many resorts available, not all of them offer wedding packages. Choose a resort, such as the Ylang Ylang beach resort, that specializes in tropical weddings. Not only will you save money, but will ensure that each detail of your wedding ceremony is perfect to a T.
  • Location – a tropical wedding should take place in a location that has beautiful natural scenery, not grey buildings, and concrete. Choose a resort that is in a secluded environment – one that will enhance the romantic mood of your wedding. The Ylang Ylang offers this type of environment, while still being close enough to nearby cities to ensure you have access to world-class transport and facilities.
  • Accommodations – finally, take a close look at the type of accommodations you will be provided at each resort. You want accommodations that are luxurious and romantic – not just a bland hotel room that lacks warmth and texture. This is your wedding – it needs to be amazing and your accommodations need to be amazing, too. The Ylang Ylang offers a wide range of rooms and bungalows to ensure that you have the accommodations you always wanted for your wedding.

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We hope that you only settle for the best when it comes to wedding accommodations. After all, weddings are an event of a lifetime and you want them to be as good as possible.