Having Trouble Choosing a Costa Rican Hotel?



Ylang Ylang Beach ResortChoosing from the many Costa Rica beach hotels available can be a tough decision! Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for a tropical vacation. The country thrives on its tourist industry. This means that you can expect hotels and resorts to compete for your business. They want you to come and stay with them, so they will offer fine accommodations, lots of amenities, and comfortable luxury you can afford. Here are some tips to remember when making your hotel decision:


  • If you are planning a vacation focused on relaxation, choose a hotel that will be conducive to relaxing. If you want a vacation that is rich with activities and excitement, a hotel located within the boundaries of a city might be the better choice.
  • Stay within your budget. If you spend all of your money on your accommodations, you may not have enough left to enjoy some of the local activities. While Costa Rica has many free activities available, you want to have enough funds to partake of some of the paid activities, too.
  • Keep customer service in mind. Costa Rica is a tourist country, so you should be able to expect the highest level of customer service possible. If the service is bad, it doesn’t matter where you stay – you will not enjoy your vacation. The Ylang Ylang prides itself on great customer service, top-notch accommodations, and affordable luxury. Keep us in mind as you plan your Costa Rican vacation – we look forward to taking care of your needs!


Things to Do as You Plan a Trip to Costa Rica

As you plan your visit to Costa Rica, there are many details that must be addressed. You have to make all of your travel arrangements and ensure that all of your documentation is in order. Taking care of necessary paperwork should be the first thing you do, because these matters can take time. Once you have your documentation in hand, then you can begin planning the rest of your trip. After travel arrangements, you have to select accommodations in Costa Rica. There are numerous Costa Rica beach hotels available, so choose with care. Each one has something to offer. Contact each potential hotel and discuss rates, amenities, suites, and other aspects that could affect your decision.

After you have selected your accommodations, you should consider planning an itinerary. Now that you know the area in which you will be staying, you can start researching local activities and events. You can also find out about activities and events from the staff at your hotel. Here at the Ylang Ylang, we will be more than happy to help you plan an itinerary that is sure to make your time in Costa Rica unforgettable. As you plan your schedule, try not to pack it too full – you want to give yourself plenty of time for doing nothing more than just enjoying the environment. It can be hard to soak up the surroundings if you are too busy running from one place to another, trying to stay on schedule! Your vacation is a time for making memories – even if they are just the memories of doing nothing but relaxing on the beach. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful country and to reserve your luxury suite.

Comparing Costa Rica Beach Hotels for First-Time Visitors

Planning your first trip to Costa Rica can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. If this is your first time traveling out of the country, you have many details to address. The first thing you must address – after taking care of the necessary paperwork – is your choice of accommodations. Sure, you know that you are going to Costa Rica, and you plan on having a lovely time. However, without the right accommodations, your time in Costa Rica is going to be less than enjoyable.

Choosing between Costa Rica beach hotels does not have to be a difficult task, even though there are many available. You just have to research each available hotel and find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Here at the Ylang Ylang, we offer various packages and specials to ensure that you have little trouble choosing our resort for your Costa Rican vacation. We offer quality accommodations, the highest level of customer service, and affordable luxury that you simply cannot imagine. Contact us today to reserve your luxury suite or bungalow for your first trip to Costa Rica.

Tips for Planning a Vacation to Costa Rica Beach Hotels

Now that winter is over and spring is here, summer will soon follow. Summer is one of the most popular times for a vacation. Tropical locations, such as Costa Rica, are one of the most popular destinations for a vacation. If you are planning your first summer vacation to Costa Rica, many details must be addressed. The following list will help ensure that you do not overlook any of the details to help make your vacation go as smoothly as possible.

  • Choose your hotel – there are many Costa Rica beach hotels available, so choose wisely. Take your time and examine all of the amenities offered by each hotel, the available room selection, and other important factors.
  • Itinerary – planning a detailed itinerary will help you save time once you arrive in Costa Rica. Instead of wasting time trying to decide what to do when you get there, you will already have a master plan to follow.
  • Budget – your itinerary will help you create a defined budget. Having a budget will ensure that you do not overspend during your vacation. Make sure to allow for the unexpected – you never know when you might need to make an unplanned purchase.

Choose a Hotel Ready to Meet Your Needs

Planning a vacation in Costa Rica takes time and effort. You already have your travel agent in line and on board. You know exactly where you are going and you have a detailed itinerary planned. Now, it is time to compare Costa Rica beach hotels. When you choose your hotel, you must make sure that it is prepared to meet your every need. It doesn’t matter if your needs are simple or complex – you need a hotel that is ready to provide the kind of customer service you need to ensure your satisfaction.

Here at the Ylang Ylang, we specialize in keeping our guests satisfied and happy at all times. From our fine dining on the beach to our professional yoga sessions, you are sure to find an activity to meet your desires. Even if those desires do not include anything more strenuous than a relaxing stroll through the lush greenery, we have exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about our marvelous resort and to book your luxury room.

Costa Rica Beach Hotels Make Romantic Vacations Easy

Planning a romantic getaway to Costa Rica takes time and effort on your part. Various details must be addressed to ensure you have a worry-free, relaxing vacation – without sacrificing any of the romance. The first thing you must do is choose your hotel. There are many Costa Rica beach hotels, but none quite as special as the Ylang Ylang. Here, you will find our accommodations luxurious and our activities plentiful – we even offer special packages for couples.

Once you have found the ideal accommodations, you need to plan an itinerary. You do not have to map out every moment of your vacation, but it is a good idea to have some sort of game plan. Here, you can enjoy dinner on the beach, spa treatments, yoga sessions, and access to all of the activities the city of Montezuma has to offer. After you have a plan for your vacation activities, all that is left is to sort out the travel arrangements and start packing. We will be waiting for you!

Fine Dining at Costa Rica Beach Hotels


Costa Rica is known as one of the finest places to experience nature. The sprawling green forests, breathtaking beaches and the amazing hospitality of this destination will make you long for this place when you are gone.

Stay at amazing beach resorts

Everyone who comes here loves to stay in the amazing beach resorts. In fact, Costa Rica beach hotels are quickly becoming some of the most popular destinations for vacations in this paradise. The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is one of these destinations. There are many reasons why it is such an ideal location for a vacationer. Seclusion, romance, luxury accommodations – the Ylang Ylang has it all. It has some of the most awe-inspiring bungalows in the region which have all the amenities you will need for your vacation.

Costa Rica coffee

We also offer some of the finest dinings you will find in Costa Rica. Our menu, while avoiding red meat, offers a variety of choices, including:

  • Vegan choices
  • Raw food choices
  • Seafood choices
  • Chicken menu
  • A children’s menu

We specialize in creating meals with fresh, organic ingredients – meals that will stimulate your taste buds while still satisfying your hunger. Once you dine at our resort, you will satiate your hunger as well as all your senses. Choose from a variety of soups, salads, cheeses, bread, sushi, and succulent desserts.

tropical french toast

Tropical french toast made with our homemade bread and topped with a mix of papaya, watermelon, and pineapple

Customer satisfaction at core of our heart

Since the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort aims to keep each customer fully satisfied, let us know of any specific needs you might have. Let us know if you have any food allergies or if you prefer a specific kind of food over the other. You will never have to compromise on the quality of food. We serve you everything fresh and delicious. We are always willing to accommodate to ensure that your visit is memorable and enjoyable. Hope that you will love our delicacies and visit us again.