The Ylang Ylang Receives the 2013 Traveler’s Choice Award for Service

If you were ever in doubt about staying at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort on your next trip to Costa Rica, here is some news that should make your decision easier. In a recent press release, the Ylang Ylang proudly announced their honor at having received’s 2013 Traveler’s Choice Award for excellence in service! has been bestowing this honor upon hotels and resorts around the world for eleven years. The Traveler’s Choice awards are based upon reviews received from real world travelers, just like you, and cover a variety of categories. The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is already the leading hotel in Montezuma; and now, the Traveler’s Choice award proves that this resort is also a leader in providing guests with superior service.

The staff at the Ylang Ylang work hard to ensure that each guest has a unique and unforgettable experience during their stay. With so many hotels and resorts in the area, the Ylang Ylang has to make sure they stand out from the crowd. They accomplish this feat by offering their guests the best of the best – the best luxury accommodations, the best access to pristine beaches, the best luxury amenities, including spa treatments and yoga sessions, and the best customer service possible. All of these aspects and many more are why the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is a favored destination for visitors to Costa Rica. When you choose to visit this fine beach resort, you can rest assured that the quality of service you receive will be unlike anything you have ever experienced – and more than worthy of the 2013 Traveler’s Choice Award!