How to Save on Vacation Packages to Costa Rica

When you are considering a vacation to Costa Rica, sometimes choosing a vacation package is the best option. There are many ways to save, but you will need to be diligent when you research the travel options available. Vacation packages to Costa Rica can be had on a budget; just follow the tips below to learn how to save money on your vacation.

  1. Be flexible about the details for your vacation. Do not have the dates set in stone until after you book your travel and accommodations. Sometimes you may miss a good deal if you only have a hard, set date to go.
  2. Travel during the off-peak season. The off peak season runs from May to November in Costa Rica. This is when travel prices are at their lowest. However, be aware that there is an influx of vacationers during June and July.
  3. Take advantage of social networking. Sometimes airlines and hotels will post travel deals on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Also, you can subscribe to email alerts from several different travel deal services.
  4. Choose a family-friendly hotel when travelling with kids. In many cases, these hotels offer more amenities or larger rooms. Also, consider any of the fee-free perks that are offered at each hotel you consider. While at the hotel, always ask the concierge about deals available at local restaurants to save even more.
  5. Look for package deals that offer all-inclusive hotel stays. This means that all of your meals and entertainment are included with your hotel stay. You will pay more initially, but save more once you are not pulling your wallet out at every meal.

Money-Saving Tips for Trips to Costa Rica

Even people on a budget deserve an unforgettable vacation. If your funds are not as large as you would like them to be, do not let that discourage you from planning an amazing vacation to Costa Rica. A trip to Costa Rica does not have to put your bank account in the negative. You just have to know how to plan according to your budget. Here are some budget-saving tips for anyone wishing to experience the beauty and grace of Costa Rica.

• Choose your accommodations with cost in mind – but not necessarily at the forefront. Just remember that sometimes price can affect quality. Choose your accommodations with care. For instance, the El Sano Banano village hotel is a sister hotel to the Ylang Ylang – so you can enjoy top-notch accommodations for an affordable price.

• Enjoy activities that do not cost a penny. Instead of planning an itinerary of expensive activities, plan to do things for free. Sightseeing, swimming, soaking up some sun on the beach, taking a nature walk – the possibilities are endless!

• Shop around for your food. Talk to the locals and find out where to get the best local cuisine. Sometimes those places off the beaten path can give you the best taste and the best value!

• Visit during the off-season. You can save a lot of money in travel expenses, as well as hotel expenses, by visiting Costa Rica any time other than the peak tourist season. You will still get to experience the beauty and grandeur, only for a lower price.