Enjoy a True Tropical Vacation at the Ylang Ylang

Everyone loves a tropical vacation. It comes with serene beaches, white sand, blue oceans, and a starry sky. Add some delicious tropical fruits, a bubbly cocktail and some nautical-themed clothes to the mix. The outcome is you have the recipe for the most memorable vacation of your life.

Tropical vacation must for restoring your energy

A tropical vacation should ideally leave you rested, relaxed and restored. The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is the perfect destination. It offers everything from beautiful beaches to the best beach dining experiences and incredible service. garden patio costa rica

Still thinking why you should go to the Ylang Ylang for your next tropical vacation? Here are some great reasons why.

  • Privacy and seclusion – The resort is hidden in plain sight. It’s secluded, but still close to the city. Transport to and from the hotel is easy, but you also get to enjoy your own private space.
  • Romance – Moonlit beach dinners, rooms with a view, packages geared for couples – we have everything you need for a special getaway with the one you love.
  • Nature – The grounds of the Ylang Ylang are not sidewalks and buildings – instead, you can lose yourself in the natural landscape of Costa Rica. Enjoy nature walks and observe the various creatures, native to the land, in their natural habitats.
  • Luxury accommodations – Bungalows, cabins, luxury tents and traditional rooms provide you with plenty of options for your own private hideaway.
  • Events – The Ylang Ylang strives to create special events to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime. Check out our coming events, such as the Christmas and New Year’s Eve events. All our event specials are free for our guests.

tropical resort costa rica

Wouldn’t you like to disconnect from the hustle-bustle of daily life and enjoy some time in nature? Costa Rica is such a place and Ylang Ylang is the perfect destination for fulfilling your true tropical dream vacation.

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The Top 3 Hot Springs in Costa Rica

When you plan your Costa Rica vacation, plan to visit one of the hot springs and spas located in the volcanic regions. Many people do not realize that Costa Rica has volcanoes, let alone hot springs, but the country does. There are many different spas that offer the natural hot springs, but below are the top 3 that you should consider visiting after a rejuvenating stay at the Ylang Ylang resort.


  1. Tabacon. The thermal springs at Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort offers guests a close encounter with nature at its best. The hot springs here are located among lush gardens and the natural rain forest. The springs are heated by the nearby Arenal Volcano, which heats the water up to 122 degrees. Other spa services are available on site, too.
  2. The Springs at Arenal. The Springs Resort offers 18 different hot springs within its property near the Arenal Volcano. The property is filled with lush gardens among the rainforest and wildlife preserve.
  3. Baldi. The Baldi Hot Springs is a unique destination. They offer 25 different water pools heated by the volcano, but also have three large water slides on the large property, which rests at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. Other services include a full service spa, pools and a sauna.

Hot springs are a feature of a volcanic area that creates a unique experience for the whole family. Costa Rica offers many of these hot springs around the many volcanoes within the country’s borders. Stay for the day, or book a vacation at one of the many spas or resorts.
For more information on vacationing in Costa Rica, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

Visit the Volcanoes of Costa Rica

While on your Costa Rica vacation, take note of some of the natural features of the country. Costa Rica is home to three recently active volcanoes: the Poas, Irazu and Arenal. You can visit the Arenal Observatory Lodge, overlooking the Arenal Volcano, which is just 1.7 miles away.


  1. Poas. The Poas Volcano is located in the Poas Volcano National Park. It is an active stratovolcano that has erupted multiple times in the last 100 years. The main crater is located at the summit and is a lake. The lake has an acidic pH that varies from 4 to 0. There is no aquatic life in the acid lake. The lake waters cause acid rain in the region.
  2. Irazu. Inside the Irazu Volcano National Park lies the summit of Irazu. It is the largest volcano in the country, at 11,260 feet at the summit. The volcano has 5 craters, the largest of which is The Main Crater. There is a road from San Jose that leads to the volcano, and a bus that takes tourists to the top of the summit.
  3. Arenal. The Arenal Volcano is located in the center of the Arenal Volcano National Park. Up unto 2010, the volcano erupted often, but has since become dormant. Many hotels and lodges are available in the park.

When visiting the volcanoes of Costa Rica, remember that these volcanoes are only dormant and could erupt at any time. However, this is unlikely to occur.
For more information about vacationing in Costa Rica, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

40% off Your 4th Night Stay at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Luxury Cabin

When looking for hotels in Costa Rica, consider the beautiful Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. Throughout the year, Ylang Ylang offers discounts and promotions on your vacation. Right now, the resort is offering a promotion on your 4-night stay.

If you stay in a tent cabin for 3 nights, you can get the 4th for 40% the regular price during your stay. Your stay must be between the dates of March 10, 2014 and April 10,, 2014. This applies to reservations made directly with us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort between the dates of February 15, 2014 and March 10, 2014.

The offer is subject to availability. This means that some dates might be filled up, and you may have to book a different date than you planned. The earlier you place your reservations, the better your chances are of booking the dates you want. Be sure to use the coupon code, TCMA/AP40%, to garner your savings! The price is subject to a 13% tax on top of the regular rate.

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is located in beautiful Montezuma. The resort is the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2014 Winner for the great service and reviews. It is ranked #1 out of all the hotels and resorts in Montezuma. Stay in picturesque bungalows located right on the beach, or try out one of the tent cabins with our money-saving coupon. No matter what type of room you choose, you are right on the beautiful Montezuma beach.  Nearby is the city, along with numerous recreational activities, dining and a spa.

For affordable lodging in Costa Rica with our discount offer, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

New Year’s Eve 2013 Huge Success For Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

New Year's Eve Party 2013/2014

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica had a wonderful 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration. They offer their big thanks to the more than 160 guests who showed up to party at the ultimate Costa Rica vacation destination. The party was hot, and the entertainment like no other.


Guests were offered a large buffet dinner and entertainment. The chefs created local Costa Rican staples with the freshest ingredients. Exotic cocktails were served with dinner at a secluded spot overlooking the ocean and the clear skies above.


Skala, a popular local band, played spicy Latin music all night long. They played all of their best hits as everyone danced to the beat. The tropical party was fun and spirits were high as 2013 came to a close and 2014 was welcomed.


A group of fire dancers came to the party and entertained everyone with their skill and risky moves. The spinning torches and heavy drum beats had guests out of their seats moving to the music. Everyone was having a grand time. To top it off, a huge fireworks display added to the celebration.


This was the largest event thus far at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. People from all over were in attendance to make this New Year’s Eve party a success. Come on out to the party next year; you won’t be disappointed. You can call the resort for travel arrangements and reservations. The resort sits on 20 acres of white sandy beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula of Montezuma, the perfect atmosphere for any celebration or vacation.


Get a Great Discount on Your 5th Night Stay!

We’re pleased to offer a discount on your Costa Rica vacation! These promotions are not offered year round and are available for a limited amount of time. Hurry to book your vacation before this good deal is gone.

Right now, if you book a 4-night stay in a tent cabin at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, you’ll receive a discount on the 5th night. Receive a 50% discount on your 5th night! This discount only applies to reservations made with our resort between January 15, 2014 and February 28, 2014. Your stay must be between the dates of March 6, 2014 and March 31, 2014. All bookings are subject to availability, so you would be wise to reserve your cabin now.
You can call or book your rooms online. When booking, please mention the coupon code: TCMAR50%. This coupon expires on Monday, March 31, 2014. Hurry now to claim your offer for 50% off your 5th night stay in the tent cabins at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort!
The dry season is the vacation season for Costa Rica. The weather is great for visiting the beaches or going sight-seeing in the rain forest. Vacation packages in Costa Rica do not commonly have discounts like this during the tourist season, which lasts from December through April.
Deals during the dry season are few and far between. Take advantage of this offer before it is sold out. The sooner you call for a reservation, the better your chances are of finding open cabins to receive your offer. Remember that all offers are subject to room availability.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort’s 25th Anniversary

The year 2014 is a big year for the Ylang Ylang beach resort because it is the year that we celebrate our 25th anniversary! That’s right, since 1989, the Ylang Ylang has been a featured location in Costa Rica. We have been perfecting our craft of combining the most luxurious accommodations with the highest level of customer service – and our hard work has paid off! The Ylang Ylang is consistently chosen as one of the most popular beach resorts in Costa Rica.


There are numerous reasons why we rate so highly with our guests. Our location is amazing – directly on the beach, in the midst of the lush jungle greenery, and only minutes from Montezuma. Our accommodations are divine – luxury suites and bungalows designed to provide our guests with the ultimate in comfort, as well as our wide range of luxury amenities. Our on-site activities cannot be beat – a luxury spa, ready and waiting to meet the needs of our guests; professional yoga sessions directly on the beach with the music of the waves helping you balance your mind, body and soul; and our pristine beaches surrounded by the clear, ocean waters.


If you are planning a vacation this year, a romantic getaway, or even a honeymoon, add the Ylang Ylang beach resort to your list of must-see places! Not only will you enjoy all that we have to offer as one of the leading luxury resorts in Costa Rica, you will also enjoy all that our beautiful country has to offer – breathtaking scenery, local cuisine and activities, and the warm, welcoming spirit of the inhabitants. Come celebrate 25 years of exquisite accommodations and service with the Ylang Ylang!


Why You Should Come to the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

When you think of taking a beach vacation, what comes to mind? Do you picture white, sandy beaches? How about clear, tropical waters? Do you see yourself sipping on a cold drink with a tiny umbrella, soaking up the rays? Everyone has their own vision of the perfect beach vacation – here at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, you can finally make your dream come true!

The Ylang Ylang is one of the leading Costa Rica beach hotels. Our popularity is well deserved – we strive to provide our customers with the best luxury Costa Rican experience possible. Here are some more reasons why our guests continue to come back:


  • Exquisite accommodations — both private bungalows and top-of-the-line suites — put you right in the middle of luxury


  • Secluded location right on the beach and only minutes from Montezuma


  • Lush jungle surroundings. Our resort was not built in place of the jungle – it was built right into the jungle!


  • Professional staff trained to meet all of your needs


  • On-site luxury activities, including yoga and spa sessions

If you have decided to come to Costa Rica, you must choose your accommodations – and there is simply no reason why you should not choose the Ylang Ylang. Here, you will enjoy the best of the best – the best suites and bungalows, the best views, the best beaches, the best food, the best amenities, and so much more. A visit to Costa Rica is a visit to paradise, so make the most of your time in paradise with an extended stay at the Ylang Ylang.



Reasons to Visit the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

If you have decided that Costa Rica is your number one choice for a vacation destination, let the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort help make your vacation unforgettable. Here at the Ylang Ylang, we are one of the leading resorts in Costa Rica because of our high level of luxury accommodations and amenities, as well as our customer service. When you stay with us, you can expect all of our staff to work hard to fulfill each and every one of your needs.

If the high level of luxury and customer service is not enough of an incentive for you to visit our resort, keep in mind some of the other benefits. The Ylang Ylang is located in a secluded area of Costa Rica – however, it is not too far away from the exciting city life of Montezuma. This will provide you with numerous activities both in and out of the city. The Ylang Ylang also features some of the most gorgeous beaches on the Costa Rican coastline – beaches that are available to you at all hours of the day and night for your enjoyment. Contact us today to learn more about our resort features, such as our yoga sessions and spa treatments – you will not be disappointed with what you learn and our staff will help you book your room.

A Costa Rican Vacation is Like No Other

When you plan a vacation, there are many decisions to be made. The first one – and probably the most important – is your destination. We live in a huge world, and there are millions of places you can go to enjoy some time away from home. You can visit the regal beauty of Paris or take a gondola ride in Venice. Perhaps you want an outdoorsy excursion, such as a guided tour in the Australian outback. Then again, you may want simple beauty and calming environments – like those found in Costa Rica.

A Costa Rican vacation is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Costa Rica is full of lush greenery, native wildlife and so much natural beauty that you are bound to return home feeling refreshed and restored. Visit the wildlife refuges to see the native creatures in their natural environments. Take a scuba diving lesson in the crystal-clear waters. Simply soak up some sun as you sip a cold drink and read a book on the beach. Contact the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort for more information about the beauty of Costa Rica. Book your room today.