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Driving Directions

The easiest way to get around Costa Rica by car is to have your map
(ask for it at the car rental office) and just follow the road signs to
the next town
in your path.

From Liberia and the Guanacaste Province:
Follow the road down to Nicoya, then Jicaral, then Playa Naranjo
then Paquera. In Paquera you will turn right (you will see a sign)
and that road will take you from Paquera to Cobano (about 35 Km).
Once in Cobano you turn left and Montezuma is 7Km away.
On Google Maps/GPS it’s route 21 to 160 to 624.
Total driving time: Approximately 4 – 4 1/2 hours.

From San Jose / Monteverde / Arenal / Manuel Antonio /Jaco:
Follow your map to the town of Puntarenas and drive to the ferry which is located on the point of Puntarenas. Take the 1 hour and 15 minute ferry to Paquera (not Playa Naranjo) and once you get off follow the main road until you get to an intersection in Cobano (35Km). In Cobano take a left at the bank (Banco Nacional) and drive all the way down to Montezuma (7Km). Arrive at Sano Banano Restaurant where the Front Desk will call the driver who will take you to Ylang Ylang. Approximate time from Paquera is 1 hour.

Alternate Route – New Toll Road:
Leaving the airport in Alajuela, take the Inter-american Highway to Puntarenas after 11 km when you get to the refinery RECOPE take the first exit on the right and then immediately left passing over the bridge. After approximately 5 km in the town of La Garita when you get to the soccer field turn left, drive about 3 km to Route 27 toward Caldera, when you get to Puntarenas just after the double Tree Resort exit right onto the ferry terminal to Paquera. We recommend to ask your rental car to show you on a map…

Traveling by Bus:
Take a taxi to the Puntarenas bus station in San Jose. Once you get to Puntarenas take a taxi to the Paquera ferry. The ferry takes one hour and 15 minutes and on the other side there will be a bus to Montezuma which departs according to the ferry schedule. Please note the Paquera bus stops running at 6:30pm regardless if there are later ferries.

Please note that our front desk closes at 9:30 pm so be sure to advise if you will be coming in later than 9:30 pm.

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