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Wedding Comments

Ylang Ylang March 19, 2011

Pura Vida! Amazing! Wow! Ylang Ylang surpassed our expectations; it is not your stuffy, run-of-the-mill resort. It truly is casual relaxation mixed with elite and personalized accommodations.

My husband and I blindly chose this small family owned beach resort through trip advisor to host our wedding. Since, we are a more casual couple, we decided if the resort was a total bust, it would still be bliss being in a tropical paradise. But wow! This quiet and fun beach resort went above and beyond to make our special day truly fantastic.

After a long journey from the San Jose airport, we were just hoping for clean and safe accommodations. However, we were speechless when we first entered the Montezuma town. It was bustling with locals and tourists intermingling and creating this contagiously fun energy. We drove to their sister hotel in town and were greeted by their staff waiting to drive us into the hidden beach resort- about 1 mile from town. We drove into the resort in an off-roading vehicle similar to the car ride through the Disneyland Indiana Jones ride. That is where the excitement began!

When we arrived at the resort, we couldn’t help but gasp with excitement and total surprise. It looks like a scene from the tropical backgrounds of “Survivor”- a pure gem-tropical oasis. We would just have been content with the scenery but their staff goes above and beyond to make you feel apart of their family. Upon arrival, they already knew our names and never had to ask what our names were after that. They knew all of our guests by first and last name!!

Stone paths curve and bend through the resort to hidden little beach bungalows with lush greenery and fragrant flowers. The sound of waves crashing on the beach and the pitter pattering feet of the friendly iguanas and swinging monkeys really set the mood- yes, you have entered a jungle paradise! The waterfalls that empty into the pools and scattered hammocks set this resort over the top!

Moraya, Moraya, Moraya! He began as our wedding coordinator and ended up being a dear friend J. He was truly organized handing us a play-by-play timeline- down to the minute from our pre-wedding festivities to our wedding ceremony and reception. Details are what he does best- snorkeling trips, cocktail hours, fireworks (yes, real fireworks), candles, tiki torches…His mom, conducted our wedding, and she made it so special. From the personalized vows to the traditional unity sand ceremony, it made all of our guests happy and weepy. The waiters, waitresses, cooks, house keeping all became our family and we are utterly grateful to them! So grateful, we all became dancing buddies at our wedding reception!

So, if you are up for true relaxation mixed with over-the-top personalized accommodations, this IS the place for you!

We love you Ylang Ylang! Montezuma has formed a special place in our hearts!

Thank you again Moraya, Patricia, Lenny, Kaya, Syska, Harold, Christian—and everyone else!

Love, Amy and Will Becker!

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Let me tell you my Ylang Ylang story…By some incredible stroke of luck, I found Ylang Ylang Resort by surfing the internet for places to have a wedding in Costa Rica. My fiance and I had never been to Costa Rica so we had some homework to do. I read EVERY review on trip advisor, scoured through the Costa Rica guidebooks, maps, weather reports, looked at every picture on Flicker and on Ylang Ylang website, scrutinized their menu, etc. etc. and when I saw that the Ylang Ylang even came complete with a built-in wedding planner, I was sold. Planning a destination wedding in a destination you have never been is risky — anyone will tell you. I expected bumps in the road. I figured it would rain. I figured not too many people would show up. blah blah. In other words, I was excited, but prepared!

What I could never, EVER, have expected was the absolute best wedding, party, resort, and family that I could have ever dreamed of. I keep telling people — it was like a dream! And it is all because of the absolutely incredible, dedicated, hard-working staff and people at Ylang Ylang that felt like family after our single week there. Not to mention that I think they have beautifully preserved one of the most exquisite places on earth!

I can’t possibly fill you in on all the details that made this place so amazing — but I promise, this is a place that pays attention to detail. The staff learn your names if you stay for a couple of days. You will have fresh flowers in your room every day. You will eat wonderfully cooked meals in a location that appreciates the natural beauty of it’s surroundings. I had two amazing spa treatments where I, again, felt the attention to detail really set this place apart. The pool is beautiful. The ocean is spectacular. The grounds are gorgeous. The rooms are cute, comfortable, and all have a great deck or porch.
(And you can’t go wrong with the price, which includes two great meals per day… trust me – dinner alone is worth it!)

We stayed in Coco Joe’s and loved it. But I had all my friends and family spread throughout the resort and I didn’t hear a single person who didn’t like their accomodations. This is an awesome chill-out spot, with hammocks strung up and tucked around in perfect chill-out locations with views of the ocean.

I feel like a found a hidden treasure in Ylang Ylang and if I didn’t love them so much, then I wouldn’t tell anyone else about them so that it could continue on, unspoiled, in cute little Montezuma forever! People don’t believe you when you give five stars for everything — but, I really think they deserve it, so check it out!

I’m happy to give you more details, but it is certainly, the most perfect place for a wedding. They did everything just beautifully, and Moraya is the greatest wedding coordinator EVER! He and his family even put in extra effort to give John and I something as simple as a few plumeria (flor blanca) that we wanted for a special reason for the wedding. Truly, attention to the important details.
I will never be able to thank them enough for what turned from risky business into one of the best weeks of my life!
Sophie Peterson, May 10th, 2010

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Dear Ylang Ylang Family,

Deciding to have our wedding at your resort was not only the best decision we made…but one of the only decisions we had to make! You and your staff made our wedding so perfect and easy, it was completely stress free. The flowers, band, food, location, Ana the lawyer…everything was perfect! Everyone was so kind and accommodating to our large group. Our family will always remember your family and our week in Costa Rica! I could probably go on and on about our experience there, but just know it was absolutely a dream come true! The bungalows were so relaxing with no TV, no alarm clocks, no stress of the “outside world”. The landscape of the whole resort was so tranquil, being there in the jungle as well as right on the beach: everything a nature lover could ask for! Not to mention how completely friendly every single staff member was. We all left feeling like we had made new friends. That is something truly unique. Finding Ylang Ylang Beach Resort and deciding to get married there with all of you was, again, the best decision we made!

Chris and Erin Robertson, NYC
The Robertson Family, California
The Seitz Family, Washington and Alaska
November, 2009


Dear Ylang Ylang Family,
We would like to take the time to show our appreciation for making our wedding day more fabulous then we could have ever imagined. Mike and I were married at your resort on Wednesday March 25th 2009. Every detail was covered by your family and we did not have to worry about a thing. Our flowers were the most beautiful that I had ever seen. Patricia and Lenny took care of us and made us feel so at home. The words that Patricica spoke at our ceremony were amazing. We are so excited to see the pictures of our wedding day with your beautiful landscape as a background. We have never felt so pampered! And the food?! WOW. Your chef amazed us with our 5 course feast. Every dish was exotic and delicious. We feel a special tie to your beautiful resort and have made a pact to return as often as possible. There is no more beautiful place on earth. Thank you again for the best day of our lives 🙂
Sincerely, Cara Sullivan & Mike Deutsch


I love Ylang Ylang! Thank you so much for a beautiful wedding I will NEVER forget. My friends and family loved it as well.
The Beans from NC

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