Best Costa Rica Islands | Isla Caballo

Surrounding the Nicoya Peninsula are a number of small islands that are waiting to be explored such as Isla Caballo in Costa Rica. Some are designated as National Parks, some for adventure activity, and some to explore Costa Rica’s history. Each island is surrounded by the beautiful blue water of Costa Rica’s oceans. Read on below as we adventure to some of the most interesting islands around Montezuma.

Isla Caballo is located in the middle of the Gulf of Nicoya. Around 50 Costa Rican families call this island home and most have their homes along one of two beaches. This small community is mainly a fishing village but they do have two schools, a clinic, as well as small restaurants. Access is via boat. You’ll enjoy exploring this island.

List of Best Costa Rica Islands

  1. Isla San Lucas

Now designated as a National Park in the Gulf of Nicoya, Isla San Lucas has an interesting history. Visit the island and explore ancient artifacts, an abandoned prison, and the wildlife preserve.

What’s Cool: The large prison was used for over 100 years to house Costa Rica’s worst criminals.

  1. Isla Zopilote

A small, deserted island in the Gulf of Nicoya, that offers a glimpse of the untouched natural habitat of Costa Rica’s islands. A great spot to see birds of Costa Rica.

What’s Cool: Most people see the island by passing by on a boat.

  1. Isla Caballo

Located in the middle of the Gulf of Nicoya, this small island has two beautiful beaches that some Costa Rican’s call home. Explore beaches and visit local fisherman.

What’s Cool: The only way to get there is by boat!

  1. Isla Cabuya

A small island located off of the coast of the fishing community called Cabuya, this island is still a functioning cemetery. The water surrounding the island is great for snorkeling, kayaking and sometimes surfing!

What’s Cool: Time your visit with the low tide and you can walk all the way out to the island!

  1. Isla Tortuga

Tortuga Island is all about fun and sun. Take a boat ride to the island and enjoy lounge chairs, jet skis, banana boat rides, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

What’s cool: Part of the tour includes a stop at a near by reef for some great snorkeling!

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