Costa Rican Honeymoon Destination

After you’ve exchanged your “I dos,” there are a lot of lovely honeymoon destinations to consider. For the majority of couples, Costa Rican honeymoon destinations always ends up right at the top of everyone’s list. 

The Costa Rican honeymoon destination is great for couples who appreciate being active and exploring the outdoors, as well as those who want to experience an enticing coastal break. 

Additionally, it is an excellent option for couples who adore the outdoors and want to observe wildlife in its natural environment.

Costa Rican Honeymoon Destinations

The following are some of the most amazing destinations in Costa Rica that are perfect for your honeymoon since they offer plenty of opportunities for fun as well as delicious Costa Rican cuisine close by.

1. Tortuguero

Because time moves at a more leisurely pace in Tortuguero, you will just need a watch to accurately schedule your departure. 

When two people are in such intimate proximity to one another and to nature while in the honeymoon destination Costa Rica, time and love become perfectly synchronized. 

This little seaside hamlet is only accessible by boat, and the journey there begins with a jungle trip through the canals, where screaming monkeys greet you along the way. 

Tortuguero has become famous as a leading destination for ecotourism due to the fact that visitors may see breeding sea turtles there. The majority of the area’s efforts are focused on preserving the environment.

Enjoy a guided nighttime stroll along the beach of Tortuguero in search of the four different kinds of sea turtles that nest there. Trails through the thick forest may be found at Tortuguero National Park. Paddle around the canals in a canoe first thing in the morning for breathtaking views and the chance to spot exotic birds and crocodiles.

2. Papagayo Peninsula

A total of 31 beaches can be found throughout the 24 kilometers of shoreline that make up the Papagayo Peninsula, which is located on the Pacific coast of the country. 

Ecotourism is something that will appeal to people who have a deep appreciation for the natural world, whereas adventure tourism is more likely to excite the adrenaline junkies among us. 

In addition, the area has turned into a sought-after location for the development of a number of opulent resorts that create the mood for romantic getaways in Costa Rica.

The peninsula is a great location for scuba diving since it is home to a wide variety of marine life, including stingrays and sharks. While whitewater rafting down the Tenorio River, your relationship will undoubtedly be strengthened.

3. Uvita

Your honeymoon in the beautiful country of Costa Rica is sure to be memorable because of Uvita’s beautiful waters, which are known for their vivid blue color. 

It is possible that you may celebrate your anniversary in this haven year after year in order to take advantage of its tranquil environment and verdant surroundings. This area features an abundance of picturesque waterfalls, delectable restaurants, and horseback riding paths.

Uvita Beach is a great starting point for kayaking and snorkeling adventures. Uvita Waterfall features a cascade that you may slide down and it’s one that you shouldn’t miss. You can experience the beauty of ranches atop the back of a horse while you’re there as well.

4. La Fortuna

Indulge your senses on a romantic excursion through one of the country’s most recognizable locations by going on a honeymoon trip in La Fortuna. 

This tiny hamlet, nestled away within the countryside, is a stop that should not be skipped on a tour of Costa Rica because it is situated at the base of the country’s most well-known volcano. Your romantic holiday couldn’t have asked for a more picture-perfect setting than here. 

People often go to their national park as well as the lake that is nearby to enjoy daytime activities before continuing on to a nice hot springs resort to spend the evening soaking in pools fed by geothermal springs.

5. Tamarindo

Have some fun under the sun at the seaside town of Tamarindo, which is a tropical oasis. Beachgoers looking for a little leisure will find it tempting, despite the fact that the days here are frequently vibrant and full of activities. 

You won’t be disappointed by the sunsets, and there are plenty of upscale and laid-back restaurants along the coastline that have the ideal atmosphere for commemorating the beginning of your new adventure together.

Celebrate at Ylang Ylang – the Ultimate Costa Rican Honeymoon Destination

One of the top Costa Rican honeymoon destination is Ylang Ylang, which is an intimate tropical paradise. It’s perfect if you are looking for a luxurious yet unfussy boutique hotel atmosphere in a resort. 

It’s known for the resort’s romantic vibe, perfect sunsets, and so much more. The list of the amenities can be found on their official website, but you can also learn more about their packages by sending them a message.

Book a reservation and have the most relaxing, exhilarating, and romantic honeymoon in Costa Rica!

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