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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced almost everyone globally to stop traveling (even to Costa Rica), and in many countries the lockdowns still continue. Many people rely on their annual or bi-annual vacations to regain a sense of sanity and purpose. Costa Rica is the perfect escape from reality, and here is why.

Escape from Reality and Visit Costa Rica

Without this escape, many of us are feeling like we may never get the reprieve we need to return to “normality”. An increasingly popular coping method is imagining and even planning vacations once travel has normalized again.

While normality has come to a grinding halt for many, there are countless people whose big plans have been permanently altered. Weddings have had to be delayed to allow for safer ceremonies, with honeymoons also being put on the back burner.

Restoring a Healthy Diet

As you may know, Ylang Ylang is predominantly a vegan resort. Costa Rica is in fact one of the best places in the world for vegan food (read more about that here). The chefs in Ylang Ylang are trained in preparing food to suit the dietary requirements and preferences of their guests.

Although they don’t serve red meat or pork, they can aptly whip together something for even those who think they can’t live without red meat.

A major problem many of us faced during the preliminary lockdowns was trying to ensure we get enough healthy food while keeping it interesting. Failing this, many people simply reverted to eating mostly simple staple foods which can detrimentally affect one’s well being.

By changing your environment you are also giving yourself the chance to change your eating habits, and learn some new things about food.

Building Healthy New Habits

Along with our normal diets going out the door thanks to the lockdown, many of our healthy habits have been sacrificed too. Studies in recent years have shown that it can take up to an average of 66 days to build a new habit (read here). That can seem daunting, especially when you’ve developed unhealthy habits in place of your old ones.

As with our diet, by changing our environment we can find a new spark of motivation which can lead to the development of new habits. These habits can come in any shape or form, for many people exercise is the habit they struggle with most. Not everyone feels like they can simply walk into a gym, so starting small can be a great way to introduce exercise into your repertoire.

Ylang Ylang Resort offers many activities which include varying degrees of exercise, from hiking to waterfalls, yoga, to learning how to surf. Let your retreat to our resort be one in which you can take home the souvenir or a healthy new habit. 

Exploration and Exposure as Mental Medicine

Many famous travelers boast the powerful positive effects of traveling. While some purists may claim that this mental ease is only gained from backpacking on a shoestring budget, sometimes a break is all you need. Costa Rica may be the perfect place to rediscover the adventurer within, whether exploring it’s beautiful terrain or spending time with the friendly locals.

By coming to an already established resort you can be sure that any adventuring you wish to do can be done as safely as possible. We have trained professionals more than ready to take you on guided tours in boats, on horses, and even on ATVs. 

Finally Celebrating that Wedding!

If you’re one of the thousands of couples that had to delay their wedding due to COVID (source), then now may finally be time to start planning that honeymoon. Ylang Ylang Resort has repeatedly been reported as the best honeymoon destination in Costa Rica. Not just because of our beautiful accommodation, masterfully run restaurants, or the exciting and accessible activities.

We believe it’s due to our Honeymoon Packages being competitively priced and truly romantic.

Imagine walking into your tree top canopy room to find tropical flowers decorating your room. Now stop imagining and look at our Harmony of Happiness Package which includes just that.

Escape from Reality at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

However you’d like to celebrate your matrimony, consider Ylang Ylang Resort in Costa Rica to not only be ready for you, but excitedly anticipating your arrival.

So whether you need a personal retreat or are planning the perfect honeymoon, I know you’ll consider Ylang Ylang to be your best bet for a guaranteed good time.

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