Beach Horseback riding through Ylang Ylang tour deskWhen you are considering travel to Costa Rica, you will need to plan out your vacation. This means securing airfare, a place to stay, and also deciding on attractions that you don’t want to miss. Many factors go into planning your travel, including your budget and the season you plan to visit Costa Rica. Those two things will determine your stay and what you do, to a point. However, many other things go into planning a great vacation, like these 5 tips:

    1. Costa Rica is a top destination for eco-tourism. It is a great country to visit to bird watch and for hiking. About 23% of the country is part of the national park system, making it easy for you to find something nature-related to do.


    1. It is easy to get in to Costa Rica, there is no need for a visa, all you need is a valid passport with more than 3 months expiration on it. You are also allowed to stay for up to 90 days in the country. If traveling from Colombia or any country in South America, prior to getting on the plane, you must have a yellow fever certificate. If traveling anywhere from the North or Central America you will not need this.


    1. The best way to get around Costa Rica is by taxi. Renting a car is very risky. The cost is expensive, close to $700 a week, plus a large deposit. According to travel websites, it is common for unscrupulous rental companies to claim damage to the rental car when there was none.


    1. Spanish is the official language of the country. Learning some common phrases will be helpful, but, if you stick to tourist areas, it is not required.


    1. Two great outdoor things to do are visiting the beaches and going rafting. Since the country is part of an isthmus, there are hundreds of miles of beaches on both sides, in the Caribbean and along the Pacific coast. There are also more rivers per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world, which means rafting is a very popular hobby here.