Though it is a quiet beach town, Montezuma offers many unique activities that allow you to sample the culture during a Costa Rica vacation. Just wandering the town will give you a “beachy” feel while listening to the waves and watching the surfers. There is much more to the beach in this area of Costa Rica.

    1. Cemetery Island. Heading south of Montezuma, you’ll find a scenic road along the beach on the way to Cabuya. It is a 7 km drive through the jungle and along beautiful beaches. On the way, you will pass the Higueron de Cabuya, which is an extremely large strangler fig tree. Once in Cabuya, walk out on the land bridge to Cemetery Island during low tide. Indians once used this island to bury their dead, and today funerals are still held here.


    1. Visit the farmer’s market on any Saturday morning to immerse yourself in the food, crafts, and music of Costa Rica. Many vendors line up to sell their fresh goods, while street artists perform for the crowds.


    1. Fiestas Civicas de Cobano. This fair is located in Cobano, located a short distance outside of Montezuma. It lasts for two weeks each year in February. It features carousels, great food, and crafts for sale. The main event is a large rodeo with daring cowboys and bulls.


  1. The Art Galleries of Puntarenas. In the mountains outside of Montezuma is Puntarenas. This small town offers several art galleries to explore that offer art, crafting, and sculpting classes.