Frequent travelers often apply for credit cards that offer travel rewards so each airfare and hotel stay reaps rewards. This is useful for receiving savings on future trips. However, not all travel reward credit cards are made equal. There are certain things you should look for in a card when planning your Costa Rica vacation, or a vacation to any other destination.

  • Compare the rewards with the associated fees. If you’re going to end up paying more in fees than what the reward is worth, move on. Not all rewards cards charge big fees.
  • Most reward credit cards offer free airline miles or hotel stays. Choose a card based on the reward you’re likely to use more often. If you fly a lot, consider the card that offers airline miles.
  • Consider your travel patterns in the mix. Sometimes a certain card doesn’t seem worth it, with the high spending requirements, but if you’re already spending a lot on travel, it might be worth a second look.
  • Look at a reward card that offers variety. Some credit card companies offer points that can be redeemed for airline miles, hotel stays, train tickets and cruises. In many cases, these rewards are offered across brands.

When planning your vacation, consider putting your travel and stay on a rewards card so you collect points for future stays. Plus, having extra cash on hand is smart, in case of sudden travel delays or other expenses along the way.

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