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The Garden Bungalow…

Terrace view in to Garden Bungalow at Costa Rica Beach Resort

Your garden bungalow sits in the jungle between lush mango and coconut trees. Surrounded by greenery, it’s the perfect place to relax in nature and get great views of exotic jungle wildlife. And, you’re still close enough to the ocean to hear the surf crashing!

“We loved our little garden bungalow (where we could hear the ocean, but also the wildlife that Ylang Ylang draws). We spent several afternoons reading on our patio and watching and waiting for the daily capuchin monkey troop visit. I could praise the resort so much more, but I feel like I will make it seem too good to be true.” 

Imagine you and your significant other wandering up the stone pathway fringed by lush tropical vegetation to your own garden bungalow. Your private jungle paradise.

Peruvian Ceviche at Ylang Ylang restaurantFree breakfast and a la carte dinner is included with your room stay!  

There’s plenty of variety for everyone with our organic food that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Our guests rave about our food and drinks.

Open the triangular wooden door to the welcoming interior. A triangular window lets in the sun. Your queen bed sits before glass doors that stream in the morning sun. Your private bath is just beyond.

Sliding glass doors lead to your private terrace.  Here you can lounge and relax in the extraordinary surroundings — lush greenery, palm trees and privacy! No one in sight.

El Chorro Waterfall expedition while staying at Ylang Ylang

The two Garden Bungalows are the best for viewing wildlife as they are situated directly in the biological corridor amidst a plethora of mango and coconut trees. Inhale the scents of these sweet fruits as you view monkey play and hear the call of the magpie.

The Garden Bungalow is just 50 yards from the beach (less than a minute walk!) and is elevated above the other bungalows due to the natural slope of the terrain. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway and for those who enjoy nature’s tranquility in the lush tropics.

Colibri Bungalow in Jungle Paradise

The Colibri Bungalow…

Be One with Nature

The Colibri Bungalow gives you a spectacular experience of rainforest wildlife, flora and fauna. Its private location allows you to relax with your loved ones while being surrounded by greenery, plus monkeys, agouti, magpies, and even the occasional armadillo.

  “Our bungalow, Colibri was large. It was lovely and private and surrounded by lush foliage. The kids loved the monkeys and iguanas.”

“The most incredible hidden paradise ever!! Our days here felt like a dream.”

French Toast with fresh fruit at Ylang Ylang restaurantFree breakfast and a la carte dinner is included with your room stay!  

Our guests rave about our food and drinks. There’s plenty of variety for everyone with our organic food that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Picture yourself and your loved ones walking up your private stone pathway lined with greenery and iguanas hiding in plain sight, to your own bungalow. Your home for your tropical stay.


You open the triangular wooden door to the inviting interior. Two queen beds dressed in stripes welcome you from beneath triangular windows. Just beyond is your private bathroom. Glass doors let the morning sun flood in.

Bedroom view in Colibri Bungalow at Ylang Ylang

Sliding glass doors lead to your comfortable large terrace. Here you can relax, talk about your day and look forward to tomorrow’s adventure. Or simply lounge and luxuriate in the landscape — lush tropical vegetation envelops you as you gaze out in to the jungle.

Colibrí Bungalow is unique because of its location – surrounded by rainforest. Its two queen beds make it ideal for a small family or friends. Imagine watching a spectacular sunset of red, fuchsia and pink burst over the fading landscape of the jungle and falling asleep to the music of frogs.