~Options for your Ceremony~

Wedding Venues

Ceremony And Wedding Venues

Choose from our 2 tropical ceremony venues:
Enjoy a Beach Ceremony with sand at your feet and the ocean as your background or a Coconut Grove Ceremony on the grass under palm trees with the ocean behind you.


Officiants And Ministers

Lawyer / Ordained Minister

~Lawyer Services
All your legal arrangements & vow reading, stress free.
Includes: pre-wedding paperwork, vow reading,
international marriage certificate,
post-wedding paperwork
Total: $900

~Ordained Minister Vow Reading
Your vows read to you, as you desire.
Total: $400

Wedding Arch

Floral Decorated Driftwood Arch

A beautifully unique backdrop or entrance to your ceremony!
Price Range (Depending on flower type): $400-$500

Bamboo Poles

Floral Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles with tropical flower arrangements add a unique backdrop to your ceremony on the beach or can be a tropical entrance to your ceremony.
Price: $290

Tiki Torches

Floral Decorated Tiki Torches

A great touch to your ceremony and added enjoyment to your
reception with enhanced lighting!
Tiki Torch Price (No Flowers): $12 each
With Floral Decorations: $30 each

Petal Walkway

Tropical Floral Petal Walkway

Step into your Ceremony on tropical flower petals! Or have a bowl at the entrance
for guests to take and throw petals at the end of your Ceremony.
Price: $45 – $95 (Depending on the type of petals)