~Flowers for your Wedding~

Table Arrangements

Floral Table Arrangements

A most delightful way to add color and tropical ambiance to each of your tables.
Price Range: $45-$85 each

Note: We will need to determine your Seating Arrangement Plan first to be able to correctly determine
the amount of tables needed and therefore the amount of tropical floral arrangements.


Tropical Bouquets

A variety of flower arrangements to choose from!
If you prefer a different Bouquet please send us a picture and we will be happy too see if it can be made.

Tropical Orchid
Bridal: $130 Bridesmaid: $120

Tropical Meets Traditional (orange, red, creme)
Bridal: $130 Bridesmaid: $110

Tropical Meets Traditional (white, yellow, green)
Bridal: $150 Bridesmaid: $130

Tropical Lily
Bridal: $110 Bridesmaid: $90

Tropical Meets Traditional (pink, purple, white)
Bridal: $150 Bridesmaid: $130

Modern Traditional (pink, white, green)
Bridal: $150 Bridesmaid: $135

Tropical Boutonnieres

Tropical Boutonnieres

Choose from these tropical boutonnieres for the Groom and
complement it with boutonnieres for the Groomsmen
Special Requests are welcome.

Groom’s Boutonniere: $15
Groomsmen’s Boutonnieres: $10

Bird of Paradise


Classic Orchid

Purple Orchid

Pink & Orange Rose (other colors available)

Pink Orchid

Lei Crowns

Topical Leis, Crowns & Hand Corsages

Floral Leis & Crowns
A great way to welcome your guests to your Ceremony in island fashion! Leis: $50 Crowns: $35

Tropical Hand Corsage
A lovely touch! $30