Breakfast Menu

❤❤ Tropical Fruit Salad Served With Yoghurt And Granola. $6

French Toast Topped With Fresh Tropical Fruit Melange. $8

Jungle Crepe Fresh Tropical Fruit Mix Stuffed Crepe, Snaked With Natural Yoghurt. $8

❤❤ Tipico Typical Costa Rican Breakfast Including Rice, Beans, Tortillas, Platano, Cheese & Fried/Scrambled Eggs (Vegan W/ Tofu, No Eggs & Cheese). $9

❤❤ Home Fries Savory Sautéed Potatoes Accompagnied By Your Choice Of Fried Or Scrambled Eggs (Or Tofu For Vegan), Served With Toast. $8

Tropical Banana Pancakes Banana Enriched Pancakes, Served With Home Made Syrup And Fresh Tropical Fruit Melange. $8

❤❤ Huevos Or Vegan Rancheros Classic Corn Tortillas Topped With Beans And Fried Eggs Or Scrambled Tofu, Topped With Fresh Ranchera Sauce, Drizzled With Sour Cream $9

❤❤ Scrambled Tofu W/Tomato & Basil Served Home Made Whole Wheat Toast. $9

Herbed Crepe A La Provençal Sautéed Tomato In White Wine Sauce, Topped With Fried Egg And Cheddar Cheese In An Herbed Crepe. $11

Ylang Ylang Breakfast Burrito Scrambled Eggs, Rice, Beans, Cheese, Plantains And Tomato. $11

Ylang Ylang Open-Faced Omelette Open-Faced Omelette Filled With Sautéed Julienne Red Bell Pepper, Tomato & Onion Dice, Sour Cream, Cheddar Cheese And Italian Fine Herbs. $11

Eggs Your Way Served With Home Made Whole Wheat Toast, Butter, And Marmelade. $6


❤ Available as a Vegetarian option ❤❤ Available as a Vegan option

Please ask for our Gluten Free Menu

All taxes included, tips are welcome