traditional costa rican food - beach side meal featuring vegan dishes.

A Costa Rica wedding planner will help you with your travel arrangements. The ease of travelling we experience nowadays is truly incomparable to what previous generations went through. Once upon a time, travel would have been a dangerous journey with no promise of return. Nowadays when booking a flight online the return option is often already selected, showing just how easy it is to get anywhere in the world and back in one piece.

While this has allowed many to travel, it has also affected how we perceive travel in the first place. Most people are so busy with work that by the time they travel, they only have energy to spend time on a sunbed near the pool in a resort, completely denying themselves the adventure to be had. We believe the best way to travel is to experience some of what the locals are doing to some degree, even if you’re just planning on spending time in your honeymoon destination Costa Rica.

Here is how you can experience some of the Costa Rican life while on your honeymoon, and some things that will make your honeymoon destination Costa Rica that much more special.

Our Costa Rica Wedding Planner Will Help You Plan Cuisine

One of the best ways to experience any other culture is through their food, and more specifically their food habits. Here is how you can eat like a Tica or Tico (Costa Rican slang for Costa Rican locals) for a day.


Being one of its main exports, it’s no surprise that coffee is a regular part of the morning ritual of Ticas and Ticos. Accompanying this is the gallo pinto, which translates to ‘spotted rooster’, a dish consisting of rice and beans, served with white bread, eggs, plantains, and sometimes sour cream.


A typical Costa Rican lunch is the casado, which suitably means ‘married’, and is a large meal composed of rice, beans, and a piece of meat (usually beef, chicken, fish, or pork). It will often also be served with a salad and sweet plantain, as well as a picadillo which consists of chopped and mixed vegetables.


A day of Costa Rican cuisine wouldn’t be complete with the cafecito, which can be considered similar to high tea or afternoon tea. Usually just a cup of coffee with a piece of white bread or some sort of pastry, this is the perfect pick-me-up on Costa Rica’s hot afternoons.


It’s not uncommon to have a casado for lunch and dinner, so if you were particularly partial it wouldn’t be wrong to have another. Otherwise olla de carne is another typical dinner which consists of stewed beef and vegetables.

Special and Seasonal Treats

Beyond those three meals, depending on the occasion or time of year you may come across one of the following treats:

  • Arroz con pollo – usually for birthdays or special occasions, this is rice with chicken and is often served with refried beans and salad
  • Tamales – well-known in America for their Mexican counterparts, Costa Rican tamales consist of pork, potatoes, rice, vegetables, all wrapped in banana leaves and are enjoyed around Christmas
  • Empanadas – another familiar treat, their empanadas contain spaghetti and squash, and are enjoyed around Easter

Our Costa Rica Wedding Planner Will Help You Plan Activities

Costa Ricans are generally community-orientated, spending a lot of time with their friends and family throughout the day. If you have friends or family here, then spending time with them would be appropriate, although some people are looking for a bit more.

Thankfully there are several activities which are enjoyed by both Costa Ricans and tourists alike.


As with most countries of Latin-speaking origins, Costa Ricans absolutely love soccer and will take any opportunity to play it. If you have any experience, or simply enjoy a bit of competitive sports, don’t hesitate to ask if you can join any games you see around. Otherwise check out any local teams playing, or simply get a ball and kick it around on the beach, before long you may have a game going.

Mountain Biking

Perhaps not as popular as soccer, but still very popular with Costa Ricans, is mountain biking. And who can blame them? Costa Rica is full of absolutely beautiful mountains with purpose-built tracks to accommodate even the most amateur of mountain bikers. If you’re a confident rider, ask around for any local tracks which may pose more of a challenge. Otherwise ask at your resort for advice on guided mountain bike tracks or tours.

Our Costa Rica Wedding Planner Will Help You with Your Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

One last piece of advice to truly get the most out of your honeymoon destination Costa Rica is to smile and laugh with the locals at every given opportunity. TIcas and ticos are incredibly warm people, and smiles and laughter can bring you even closer to their community. If your ready to elope to Costa Rica, checkout our honeymoon packages.

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