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Whew! Your wedding day plans are complete, and you’ve booked your trip to Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, the premier honeymoon destination in Costa Rica. After the wedding is over, you’ll be looking forward to a relaxing ten days in the Costa Rican sun. A review of Ylang Ylang Beach Resort’s website has piqued your interest in the foods available to eat in Costa Rican culture. Your future husband is a picky eater, and you want to know about the foods typically served here. Let’s go over some basics.

An Overview Of Costa Rican Culture

Costa Rica is a small country in South America located between Panama and Nicaragua. Known for many things, this charming country has a particular phrase you see and hear everywhere you go. Its unofficial motto, “Pura Vida,” meaning “pure-life” or “simple-life,” has been woven into its fabric for half a century. This theme is not only their motto but their way of life. As one of the happiest places on earth, their provinces, and cuisine are extraordinary. Handed down through the ages, Costa Rican culture cuisine includes potatoes, corn, beans, yucca, squash, chicken, pork, and beef wrapped in tortillas or tamales. Costa Rican grandmothers taught the art of creatively using nature’s gifts to make delightfully tasty dishes.

Fish and other seafood from the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean dominate their menus. However, each of their seven provinces features some unique traditional ingredients found in many Costa Rican culture dishes.

The Provinces Include:

San Jose

This social, financial, and political center combines urban and agricultural lifestyles to create healthy dishes with fresh vegetables, meats, and herbs. Rice and beans are available on almost every menu in Costa Rica.


This agricultural region of Costa Rica is where most sugar cane and coffee are grown. With its large volcanoes, fertile plains, and mountainous slopes, it is affectionately referred to as the city of mangoes.


Cartago is known as one of the largest producers of potatoes in the country. The daily menu includes potato-based dishes like picadillo de papa, gallos de papa, and mashed potatoes. You’ll also find potato bread and potato soup.


Heredia, the City of Flowers, is an agricultural region and Costa Rica’s leading producer of coffee. Tourists love to visit Heredia for its rich coffee and its plantations and to learn about coffee making.


This province is one of the most popular provinces in Costa Rica. With its radiant beaches, luscious nature reserves, and lovely spas, tourists love visiting Guanacaste. Located on the Pacific Ocean side of the country, its corn recipes shouldn’t be missed. Tamales, Tortillas, and corn rice are the staples of this province.


Puntarenas is the largest and most touristy of all the provinces. The landscape is draped in Pacific Ocean beaches, swamps, peninsulas, islands, mangroves, and tropical forests. You can find dishes with fried yucca, marinated vegetables, and selections of seafood, including shrimp.


Limón is Costa Rica’s only Caribbean province. The flat landscapes play host to lush tropical forests, Caribbean Beaches, and banana plantations. The Caribbean and European cultures collide in this province to give you a unique burst of flavors.

The dishes served here in Costa Rica are fit for every palette, handed down through the ages, and made with love.

The Top Dishes in Costa Rican Culture:

Gallo Pinto

This colorful rice and bean breakfast dish, referred to as simply “Pinto,” has a mix of vegetables and spices. It’s accompanied by Salsa Lizano, a slightly spicy and sweet condiment.


This traditional Costa Rican dish from Costa Rican culture is a marriage of ingredients that include a choice of meat or fish, rice, beans, tortillas, and fried platano maduro (ripened plantains).


Costa Rican tamales are unique because the common filling is wrapped with banana leaves instead of corn husks. They are often served with rice and are a breakfast staple.

Arroz con Leche

This desert is a complicated mix of condensed sweetened milk and rice. The ingredients include salt, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and lemon zest; however, each family adds its own twist to the dish. Served with a nice hot cup of coffee, it is a beautiful ending to a perfect meal.

Honeymoon Destination In Costa Rica: A Memorable Costa Rican Culture Experience

If you want peace, tranquility, and a sense of adventure, Ylang Ylang is the best  honeymoon destination in Costa Rica for you. Make memories with us and contact us today. We’d love to hear from you. It’s time to experience some Pura Vida, soak up the sun on the Ylang Ylang Beach, and enjoy the unique foods of Costa Rica. Your finicky future husband will not be disappointed.





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