If you’re planning to travel to Costa Rica, the wet or green season runs from May until November. Green season generally discourages many tourists due to all the rain, but it’s the cheapest time to travel. There are many deals on hotels, and attractions have few crowds. Many areas in the interior of the country are unreachable by vehicle until the dry season, but there’s still a lot to do.

Expect a lot of rain, as Costa Rica gets up to 25 feet of rainfall each year, mainly in the mountains. The most rain occurs during September and October. Generally, the best weather is during May and June, but it depends on where you plan to travel. The weather on the Caribbean Coast never changes, and it stays slightly wet throughout the year. The Central Valley area including San Jose stays fairly dry during this time period too with less rain than other areas.

During the wet season, stick to the beaches and the villages close to the beach. The mountains get the most rainfall, more so than anywhere else. This is a great time to head to the San Jose area to see the museums and art galleries there. Indoor activities are your best bet, but having a list of places you’d like to see near the coast is a good idea.

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