Frequently Asked Questions

~General Information~

What is Ylang Ylang [ee-lang – ee-lang]?

It is a yellow tropical flower, originally from Indonesia, that is known to promote creativity, sensuality, and exuberance. There are a few Ylang Ylang trees around the resort grounds.

Can we walk into town at night time?

Yes, our beach resort is located just a 10-12 minute walk from Montezuma center. There are flashlights available upon request at the Front Desk. It is a beautiful walk at any time of the month, either with the bright full moon or the infinite stars during the new moon.

Will we see animals at the resort?

Yes, the resort is home to many kinds of wild animals including white-face monkeys, howler monkeys, agoutis, iguanas and many others. Click here to see our resort’s wildlife page.

What is the weather like in tropical Montezuma?

The dry season begins in December and ends in April. In this season, a bright blue sky and few to no clouds are most typical. It is hot (approximately 90 F), sunny and relatively humid. Rainy season tends to start in late April/early May. In this season, the weather often fluctuates and there can be days of an exciting tropical downpour or days full of sunshine. It is most common that it rains in the evening/night time and is sunny during the day. The weather is typically warm (approximately 80 F), sunny to cloudy, and very humid. Bring a light sweater because it could drop to 75 F at night time! September and October are the rainiest months in Montezuma however it tends to rain mostly at night.

Note: This all being said, you just never really know with tropical weather! The above is just a guideline to give you an idea of our tropical seasons. Enjoy!

Is there a swimming pool at Ylang Ylang?

Yes, we have a swimming pool with a waterfall and lounge chairs. Click here to see pictures.

Do you have hairdryers in the rooms?

We have a hair dryer in all of our units except for our Ocean Front Cabinas.

Do you have a tour desk where I can book excursions during my stay?

Yes, you can book any of the activities offered in our area directly at our front desk after arrival or before hand with our reservations department (recommended). Click here to see the tours and activities that we offer.

Can the resort reconfirm my departing flight and make arrangements for domestic and international flights?

We are not able to book or reconfirm domestic or international flights, however we are happy to provide our phone so that you can call (a fee may apply). If you have not yet booked your domestic flight then you can do so through the links that we have on our transportation page here.

Can I get a massage at the resort?

Yes, we have a full Spa with great treatments that you can book either before arrival with our reservations department or after arrival with our front desk. Click here to see our Spa page.

Are there shops at the resort?

We have a souvenir shop connected to the front desk where we have a variety of souvenirs as well as snacks. There are also many shops in the center of Montezuma where you can walk around.

What voltage do you use in Costa Rica and what style outlets?

We have standard US style outlets which are 110 V two prong plugs (or three prongs if grounded).
Those of you from Europe will need the adapters, but you won’t find them easily here, so we recommend to bring your own.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Costa Rica or at the Resort?

It is not recommened to drink tap water in most areas of Cost Rica. At Ylang Ylang we have our own spring source and treat our water so it’s fine to drink tap water and fill your water bottles, but we don’t recommend drinking tap water at any other restaurants in town (other than El Sano Banano and Ylang Ylang). For other places in Costa Rica it is best to just ask your hotel.

Do you have Wi-Fi available?

Yes, we have free Wi-Fi coverage in all our rooms, the pool, the restaurant, front desk and even parts of the beach as well.

Do you offer Laundry service?

Yes, we offer laundry service in our housekeeping department. You just need to drop off your laudry at our front desk and we will have it ready for you the next day. For pricing please contact us.

What kinds of guests visit your resort?

We have many different kinds of people visit our resort such as couples, honeymooners, families with all ages of children, groups of friends, weddings and single travelers.

Where do we check in? Do we register in Montezuma and then proceed to the resort?

You will need to go to our sister hotel, Sano Banano which is located right in the center of town, across from the park. Once you arrive here, the front desk will call our beach shuttle driver which will then take you to the resort to check-in. Please note that you may have to wait for the driver 20-45 minutes if he just left with another check-in right before you arrived, but in this case you can walk around and get to know the town or have a drink at Sano Banano. If you will arrive after 5:00pm please be sure to let us know a few days before by sending us an email or if on the same day then by calling our front desk directly at +(506)2642-0636 so that we make sure the driver will be available for your pickup.

Can we swim in front of the resort?

Yes, you can depending on the time of year and the swells/waves that there are at that time. The best time for swimming in front of the resort is December through April as this is when we have little to no waves. The beach in front of the resort is a short beach with rocks on either side, but there is a nice area to swim in between the sets of rocks. There is also a nice beach for swimming just 5 minutes from the resort on your walk in to town, or there is a long beach with no rocks which is a 20-25 minute walk North from the resort, this beach is called Playa Grande and can only be accessed by walking as there is no road, only a trail.
We do also have a swimming pool in the case that you can’t swim in the ocean while you are here.

Do you have beach towels?

Yes, we have Beach/Pool towels, these do not have a cost unless you loose the towel or towel card given to you at check-in, if lost each towel/towel card has a cost of $20. In the case that the beach/pool towel gets wet or dirty, you can just come by our front desk and swap it in for a fresh one at anytime.

How can I contact a guest staying at your resort?

You need to call our front desk and leave a message as we do not have phones in our rooms. The numbers for the front desk are +(506)2642-0636 OR
+(506)2642-0523. Please do not call our 1-415 or 1-888 numbers as they are for our reservations department and can not be transferred to the front desk.

Do you have a Gym at the resort?

We do not have a Gym at our resort or in Montezuma.

Is the Beach in front of the resort private?

Costa Rica law states that all 50 meters from the high tide line on the beach is public property. Therefore beaches cannot be privatized. However since we are a 10 minute walk from town there are very few people that come and hang out on our beach so many people say it feels very private.

Do you offer gift amenities that we can order for our friends coming to stay at your resort?

Yes, we offer different options which you can see below:

1. Fruit Basket: seasonal fruits in a basket placed in room upon arrival.

2. Wine/Champagne bottle in room upon arrival: The price for this is depending on which bottle you choose (bottles under $38 will have a $10 delivery fee, over $38 no extra charge). You can see our options here.

3. Romantic Beach Dining Gift Certificate: A certificate which will be in the room upon arrival which can be used for a romantic beach dinner for 2 people. You can see details here.

4. Gift certificate of $80 (or any amount over $80) to be used in either the Spa or for different activities.

5. Gift certificate of $50 (or any amount over $50) amount to be used in our Restaurant.

Just contact us if you would like to purchase one of these options.

Do I need to get a travel Visa to enter Costa Rica?

Depending on your home country, you may enter Costa Rica without a visa. This applies to the USA, Canada and most European countries. The stamp you receive in your passport as you pass through immigration IS your visa and expires based on what country you are from. For most of you reading this- it’s 90 days.

What are the Passport Requirements to enter Costa Rica?

A valid passport is mandatory to enter Costa Rica. Costa Rica requires that your passport has a minimum of 3 months before the expiration date. You will not be allowed to even leave from your country if it has less than 3 months.

Are vaccinations required to enter Costa Rica?

Not if your traveling from anywhere North of Panama (Panama included). If you are travelling from any South American
country such as Colombia or any other one South from here, then you will need a vaccination so please contact your airline, embassy or online as to which ones you will need.

Do you have cell phone service at your resort?

Yes we do have cell phone service in Montezuma and at the resort, but if you will be on roaming and have Verizon it may not work (call them to ask), if you have AT&T or T-Mobile you will most likely have service. Please note that you will be charged at International roaming rates which can be quite high, so we recommend to contact your phone company so you know what the charges may be.

~The Accommodations/Payment~

Which unit do you recommend for honeymoons?

We recommend Coco Joe’s Bungalow, Tree Top Canopy or one of our other bungalows (either Garden or Beach Front depending on your preference).

What types of rooms are available in the hotel?

We have a variety of rooms
available, you can see photos, descriptions and prices here.

Are your resort rates per room or per person?

All our room rates at Ylang Ylang are flat rates for the room but they are increased per person (the rate will vary depending on the number of people in the room). You can see our different accommodations, availability and rates on our booking engine here.

Does my room reservation require any guarantee?

All Reservations are charged at the time of booking. You can see our cancelation policy here

If you have questions just let us know by contacting us.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you would like to see our Cancelation Policy please click here.

When do I have to pay for my room/reservation?

All Reservations are charged at the time of booking. You can see our cancelation policy here

If you have questions just let us know by contacting us.

Do you recommend U.S. Dollars or local Colones?

You can pay in most places with Dollars but we recommend to have Colones for the smaller restaurants and stores. You will get the best exchange rate from an ATM as opposed to exchanging Dollars for Colones in a store. There is a convenient ATM right outside the airport as well as one in Montezuma.

How do we pay for the tours and transfers?

You can pay for these at check-in. You may pay for the tours and transfers with credit card if you like, but there will be an extra 4% charge. If you pay with travelers checks or cash, there will be no extra charge.

How many people can stay in one room?

Anywhere from 1-6 people depending on the room that you book. You can see our rooms and how many people fit in each one by clicking here.

Do you offer discounts for a group booking?

Our rates are set based on our different seasons and our costs of operation during that time of year, so we do not offer group discounts on a regular basis or during our peak season (December – April). If you are interested in bringing a group anytime between May and mid November, we may be able to offer you a group discount depending on the number of people, number of rooms and amount of nights you will book.

What does the rate include?

At Ylang Ylang our rates include Breakfast & Dinner. You can see our menus here.

What are the standard check in and check out times of the resort?

Check-in time is 2:00pm, but you are welcome to arrive any time after 11am and enjoy the pool, hammocks, restaurant, etc. You will have to leave your luggage at our Front Desk and once the room is ready we will let you know. Please note that if you arrive before 11:00am you may have to wait a little while for your pickup at Sano Banano as our vehicle can be busy with check-outs during the morning. Or you can also just walk to the resort and leave your luggage at Sano Banano and as soon as the driver makes a trip he will take your luggage.

Check-out time is 11:00am from the room. We have three shuttle times into Montezuma, one at 6:40am, one at 8:00am and the last one at 11:00am. You can take any of these shuttles or send only your luggage with the shuttle and walk into town later/earlier (we would store your luggage at Sano Banano Hotel). If there is no other check-out on your departure day, then we may be able to switch around the times, however we can not guarantee this until the night before.

Can we check in early to our room?

If your room is ready, we will gladly let you check in by 12:30pm. We do not allow check-ins before 12:30pm in the room as this is the time they can be ready by. If the room is not yet ready, you can leave your luggage at the Front Desk and use the pool, hammocks or restaurant until the room is ready.

Can I have a late check-out?

If the room you are in does not have a reservation following yours then we can offer a late check-out of 1:00pm for an additional $40.

Do bugs get into the rooms?

The windows and balcony doors of all our units are well sealed, which helps prevent bugs from getting into the rooms. In addition all units have A/C which makes it so you can keep the doors and windows closed if needed.

Are the Beach Front Bungalows really Beach Front?

Yes! They are just steps away from the sand.

Are King size beds available in the rooms?

At Ylang Ylang our Coco Joe’s Bungalow, Tree Top Canopy, Family Beach Suites and our Ocean Front Cabinas have a King bed, the rest of our units have queen beds.

Do you have non-smoking room?

At Ylang Ylang all of our rooms are non smoking inside the room, but you are allowed to smoke on the patio/deck. The Ocean Front Cabinas are 100% Non smoking inside and outside. We assure you this does not affect the room and there is no smoke smell because of the design of our units.

Are safety deposit boxes available at the hotel?

Yes, you will find a safe in each one of the rooms. In the Ocean Front Cabinas these safes are for valuables and won’t fit laptops, however you can always leave large valuables with us at the front desk. All other units other than the Ocean Front Cabinas have a Laptop Safe.

What are your hotel and room amenities?

You can see all our amenities on our website under the Spa Link by clicking here.

Do all of your rooms have A/C?

Yes, all of our rooms have A/C's

~Traveling with Children~

Is a babysitting service available?

We do not offer babysitting services on a regular basis. Depending on when you will be staying with us, we may be able to find a babysitter, but we can’t guarantee one on a regular basis.

Are cribs available for the rooms?

At Ylang Ylang we do have 2 cribs available which we can have in your room (as long as they are available at your time of request).

Are high chairs available in the restaurants?

Yes, we have high chairs available at both Ylang Ylang restaurant as well as Sano Banano Restaurant.

~The Restaurant/Dining~

What does the included breakfast and dinner consist of?

The breakfast is one dish chosen from our breakfast menu, a natural juice and coffee per person. The dinner is one main course from our dinner menu and one natural juice per person. Please see our online menu in the Restaurant section of our website for more details.

Can your restaurant accommodate vegetarians and vegans?

Our restaurant has a variety of vegetarian, vegan and raw food choices. Please click here to see our restaurant section with online menus.

Do you have a gluten free menu?

Yes, we have a gluten free menu which you can see by clickling here.

Where is the included breakfast and dinner served and at what times?

The included breakfast and dinner are served at our Ylang Ylang Restaurant, you can see information on it by clicking here.


Breakfast is served from 7-10am

Dinner is served from 5-9pm


Is your restaurant also open for lunch and what times?

Yes, our restaurant is open from 7am to 9pm daily, Lunch is served from 10am till 5pm.

Is a special menu available for children?

Yes, we have a Children’s menu for them to choose from. Please click here to see our children’s menu.

Do you offer room service?

We do not offer room service on a regular basis, however we are happy to make exceptions for special ocassions. All you need to do is ask our waitstaff (you will need to order at the restaurant as we don’t have phones in the rooms).

Do you offer all inclusive packages?

We do not offer all inclusive packages. Our rates include breakfast and dinner and we also offer the option of lunch included as an additional option.


Included breakfast: One dish, one “Ylang Ylang Natural Juice” and coffee or tea.


Included dinner: One main course from our Dinner Menu, Vegan Menu or our Raw Foods Menu and one “Ylang Ylang Natural Juice” per person.

If you would like to see our menus please click here.


What is the dress code for the restaurant?

We do not have a specific dress code for the restaurant. It’s casual so as long as you have a shirt, shorts and sandals on then you are fine, but you are welcome to dress up as much as you like.


What airport is better to fly in to San Jose (SJO) or Liberia (LIR)?

It really depends on how you plan to travel. There are more transportation options available from San Jose, however most of them leave in the morning. If you arrive in Liberia then the only two options available are a Private Transfer or a rental car.
You can see our transportation options by clicking here.

How long does it take from San Jose (SJO) International airport to Montezuma?

The total travel time is 4 – 5 hours. 1 1/2 – 2 hours from the airport to the ferry, 1 1/2 hour on the ferry and 1 hour from Paquera (where the ferry lands) to Montezuma. We recommend to arrive at the ferry 45 minutes before the departure time or more as the line can be pretty long and it’s a 1st come 1st serve system (you are not able to make reservations). You can see our recommended driving directions by clicking here.

How long does it take from Liberia (LIR) International airport to Montezuma?

The drive takes 3 1/2 – 4 hours. The best route
to take is via the inside of the peninsula, not via the ferry. You can see our recommended driving directions by clicking here.

Can we leave Ylang Ylang on the same day as our international flight?

Yes, depending on the actual time of your flight. Please keep in mind that our luggage service begins at 7:30 am so if you will be leaving Ylang Ylang before that time, we may send your luggage to our hotel in town (El Sano Banano) the night before and you would walk into town (just 10-15 minutes) the morning of your departure. We may be able to coordinate an early drive into town but it can not be guaranteed until closer to the departure date.

We are flying into Tambor, how do we get to Montezuma from there?

We can arrange a taxi to pick you up at the Tambor Airstrip. We recommend this because there are not always taxis there waiting since it is just one airstrip.

What is the difference between Sansa (Taca/Sansa Regional) Airlines and Costa Rica Green Air?

Both Sansa & Costa Rica Green Air fly from/to the Juan Santa Maria (SJO) International Airport. They are both great airlines, but Costa Rica Green Air is known to be more on time then Sansa and they have all twin engine planes which makes them the safest option.

How do you recommend to get from Monteverde to Montezuma?

We recommend taking a private transfer, a shared shuttle or renting a car. If you decide to take a private transfer or shared shuttle, we can set this up for you, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How do you recommend to get from Arenal to Montezuma?

From Arenal to Montezuma you can take a Shared Shuttle, a Half Private Transfer or a Full Private Transfer. You can see the transportation options we offer
by clicking here.

How do you recommend to get from Tamarindo to Montezuma?

From Tamarindo to Montezuma the best way to travel is a Shared Shuttle or a Private Transfer. Please contact us for details on pricing. You can see the transportation options we offer
by clicking here.

How do you recommend to get from Jaco/Manuel Antonio to Montezuma?

From Manuel Antonio or Jaco to Montezuma the best option of travel is the Taxi Boat (from Jaco) or the Shared Shuttle and Taxi Boat combination (from Manuel Antonio or any other towns in that area). You can see the transportation options we offer
by clicking here.

What are the best driving directions to get to you?

You can see our recommended driving directions by clicking here.

What are your GPS coordinates?

The Coordinates for Montezuma are 9.6500° N, 85.0667° W. But please note that the GPS does not always provide the best driving route as it can take you on non paved roads. You can see our recommended driving directions by clicking here.

We will have a car with us. Is there a place to park the car?

Since no driving is allowed on the beach, there is free parking at our sister restaurant El Sano Banano in town*, where we have a guard at night. As a safety precaution DO NOT leave any valuables in the car. We are not responsible for your car or items in it.


*Free limited parking available-first come, first serve. If needed there is also a secure parking area right next door, which we can inform you about upon arrival (note: the next door parking charges a fee).

Montezuma is a small village with very limited parking everywhere. We recommend our guests to rent a car after they visit us or to rent a car on departure and have it sent to our hotel for guest pick-up.


~Bringing your own rental car~

We are driving to Montezuma. Where can we park?

There is no parking at Ylang Ylang since there is no road to the resort. However we do have guest parking behind our sister hotel in town, Sano Banano. It is safe there but as a precaution we recommend to not leave any valuables in the car. The Front Desk at Sano Banano will call our driver to bring you and your luggage out to Ylang Ylang in our beach car.

We might be arriving after 5:00 pm, do we need to notify the hotel?

Yes, please call our Front Desk at +(506)2642-0636 OR +(506)2642-0523 to notify of a possible after-hours arrival (anytime after 5:00pm). Please remember that our front desk closes at 9:30 pm but please be sure to advise if you will be coming in later than 5:00 pm so that we can make sure to have our driver available for your pickup at Sano Banano.

~Taking the Ferry~

How much is the ticket for the ferry and how do we buy them?

Tickets are approximately $2 per person and $20-$30 per vehicle (the price varies depending on the size of the vehicle). These can be purchased in advance, however you will need the license plate number in order to book. You can book them here:
If you do not purchase the ticket before hand, then there is a ticket counter available for purchase at Musmani Bakery across from the ferry landing. There will be a ferry representative handing out pre-boarding car tickets for the line of cars-you need this ticket to buy the actual car ticket (this is not needed if you purchase in advance as you just go to the front of the line and the staff will have your ferry ticket printed for you (you do need to show proof of purchase which will be emailed to you).

How long does the ferry take?

The ferry is an enjoyable hour and 15 minute ride across the Nicoya Gulf.

Do we need to get to the ferry early?

We recommend arriving about an hour beforehand if you have a car. This can change depending on the size of the ferry or the day of the week (i.e. Friday afternoon). Please contact us by email if you would like to double check.

What is the ferry schedule?

The ferry schedule is subject to change often. If you would like to know the current departure times please click on this link:

We recommend to be at the ferry 45 minutes to an hour in advance (minimum) to buy the ferry tickets and wait in the car line. ***”Relleno” is where the ferry leaves from***


~Getting to and from Ylang Ylang Beach Resort from Montezuma town~

How do we get to the resort from Montezuma?

On the day of your check-in, simply go to the Front Desk at our sister hotel in town, Sano Banano. They will call our driver for you who will bring you and your luggage out to the resort in our beach car.

How do we get back to Montezuma on the day of our check-out?

We have three shuttles back into town on the day of your check-out, 6:40am ,8:00 am or 11:00 am. If you would like to leave in between those two shuttles, your bags can be sent on the 6:40am or 8:00 am car and they will be kept at Sano Banano’s Front Desk. You can walk to town whenever you like. If you would like to stay on the grounds and use the pool, hammocks or restaurant after check-out, your bags can be sent to Sano Banano in the 11:00 am car. Please let our Front Desk know if you will need to leave the resort before 6:40 am.

Note: The reason for these car schedules is that we have limited beach access given by the government so we must consolidate our trips on the beach and also we want to drive as little as possible on the beach so as to limit our “footprints” on the environment.


~Making a Reservation~

How do I make a reservation

Click on any button on this site that says “Check Availability and Rates”, then follow the instructions. No reservation is confirmed unless valid credit card information is provided.

You will receive a confirmation from our booking engine and you will be all set.