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As vaccinations are rolling out throughout the world, the end of this pandemic is finally in sight. This has led countless people to start planning the holidays and getaways they missed, having been forced to stay put for months on end. There are also numerous couples who have had to put their honeymoon plans on hold until they’re finally allowed to travel again. One thing many people struggle with is deciding on their honeymoon destination. Costa Rica is a great place to consider as it has so many different activities to offer. If you’re looking to plan the perfect honeymoon week for yourself and your partner in Costa Rica, look no further. Here are some tips for honeymoon planning in Costa Rica.

Honeymoon Planning in Costa Rica?

As a travel writer, I’ve been asked this question by couples of all shapes and sizes who are wondering why some of their holidays end up being exhausting. My advice to them, and to you the reader, is to do a mix of both. Have an idea of what you may want to do each day, but give yourself the space and freedom to forgo certain activities depending on how you’re feeling. 

You should also accommodate your partner’s preferences when it comes to planning. If your partner feels more comfortable with a well-written routine then doing so is best, but be sure to remind them that you’re both allowed to not do certain things if you feel.

First Few Days

The average flight time from the United States to Costa Rica is about 4 hours and 41 minutes, which may not seem like a lot. That is until you count the time spent getting to the airport, waiting in security, and being processed into the new country on the other end. After all that it may take some time for you to get to your accommodation too. This ends up being closer to 7 or 8 hours, which can end up feeling like a work day. I’ve always believed in planning dinner and an early night on my first day anywhere. This can feel wasteful, but ends up giving me much more energy to do more on the other days.

If you are arriving early you may wish to contact your accommodation about organizing a relaxing activity like a spa or a massage. 

This first day shouldn’t have any activities which require energy, instead you should be kind to your tired body and recuperate for the adventure ahead. 

Seeing the World

Now you can consider getting involved in the physical activities that have made this wonderful island such a desirable honeymoon destination. Costa Rica has plenty of walks and hikes which can offer a glimpse into the exotic wildlife prevalent there. If you haven’t already made yourself familiar with the resort and the beach (or playa) you’re staying at, that’s a great start. 

Walk the Walk

One of my favorite things to do when I get somewhere new is to simply walk aimlessly until I find myself a little lost, then to find my way back to my accommodation. This can give you a great sense of the area, and you may even find some restaurants or stores that you wouldn’t otherwise see. This isn’t for everybody though, thankfully there are plenty of organized walks and hikes available throughout Costa Rica. 

4 Legs or 4 Wheels

If you’re not up for walking, or are keen for a completely different perspective, then consider organizing a horseback or ATV tour. Both of these are available on many of the beaches, and can be a great way of seeing more than you would on foot.

Feelin’ Good

Costa Rica boasts a real melting pot of several different cultures, which comes out in the cuisines and cocktails available at the many restaurants and bars. Once you’ve been out to explore the wildlife you may be ready to kick back and spend some time in the sun.

Costa Rican Cuisine

There are too many good restaurants around Costa Rica to bother writing down the names, instead I will make suggestions of Costa Rican dishes to try.

They are:

  • Gallo Pinto – A rice-and-beans dish that is considered the national dish of Costa Rica
  • Olla De Carne – A Costa Rican beef stew
  • Casado – A mix platter of rice, beans, salad, and meat

Honeymoon Planning? Try Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Costa Rica

Whatever you end up planning, I hope that this article has provided some good ideas. And if you were unsure about where exactly you were planning as a honeymoon destination, Costa Rica may now seem perfect. If you’re looking for a resort in Costa Rica, look no further than Ylang Ylang. We even have honeymoon packages and can have you room ready with roses and Champagne awaiting your arrival.

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