Congratulations! You just chose to organize your wedding in one of the most beautiful and scenic locations in the tropics- Costa Rica. Ylang Ylang is known for their location that is both exotic and modern and offers a delight to your guests.

But wait!

If you are planning a tropical wedding, Montezuma beach at Ylang Ylang is the perfect destination for it!

Don’t believe us? Then read on to find why?

The resort fulfills all these promises and offers you the perfect wedding experience too. Here is a checklist that helps you find the right destination for your wedding and finding out why Ylang Ylang is the best.

  • Choose your destination. When selecting the location for your wedding, keep in mind the number of guests you plan to host. The Ylang Ylang can host as many guests as you would like as it is a big resort with ample rooms. It even offers you a special wedding package that could possibly help you in planning your wedding in a better way.
  • Plan your menu. Tropical weddings need light, airy dining accommodations as well as sumptuous, fresh foods. The Ylang Ylang offers some of the finest beach dining options you can find – perfect for you and your guests. On our menu, you can choose from a wide selection of foods, right from vegan to non-vegetarian, each one perfectly prepared and packed full of flavor.
  • Plan your reception. A wedding needs a reception, a time when guests can help you celebrate your new union. The Ylang Ylang has the means to help you prepare the perfect reception. A beach reception is a perfect way to end the evening. Enjoy our clean, sandy beaches with your friends and family.

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is one of the best tropical hotels in Costa Rica. It has hosted many beautiful tropical weddings at our resort and can make your big day special too.

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