With winter approaching, now is the perfect time to plan a relaxing winter getaway – and what better destination than Costa Rica! The warm, tropical environment of Costa Rica combined with its natural beauty make it the ideal destination for anyone wanting to escape the cold weather of winter. Here are some tips to help you plan your tropical winter getaway:

  • Choose your accommodations first, and then plan your activities. Many resorts, such as the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, offer their guests exclusive activities. Choosing your accommodations first allows you to plan out the rest of your vacation based upon what your resort of choice offers.
  • Ask about special rates. Many resorts offer discounted rates during the off-season. However, if you don’t inquire about specials, you might miss out on some money-saving opportunities.
  • Research the weather. While tropical locations almost always have nice weather, there are certain times of the year when the weather can be less favorable. Some quick research on the internet will let you know what kind of weather you can expect during your visit, so you can pack accordingly.
  • Take advantage of smaller crowds and extend your vacation. The off-season usually means fewer travelers, which gives you the chance to enjoy an extended vacation without having to fight the crowds.

Contact us today at the Ylang Ylang to learn about our specials. Our representatives are standing by to make sure you enjoy your winter holiday to the fullest – surrounded by the beautiful environment that is Costa Rica!

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