When you travel to Costa Rica, be prepared to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You likely made plans that will immerse you in the natural surroundings and local activities. You may not realize it – but you are participating in ecotourism in Costa Rica.

Ecotourism is tourism centered on the preservation and conservation of natural surroundings. In Costa Rica, this means that activities and resorts are a part of the surroundings. Rather than intrude upon the beautiful, natural habitat of the native creatures, towns and cities do their best to blend in with the environment, and leave a small footprint.

Ecotourism keeps Costa Rica thriving. People flock here from all over the world to experience some of the magic of our untouched environment. From the jungles to the beaches, Costa Rica is a protected environment meant to preserve its natural beauty. You, as a tourist, can still enjoy all the activities that Costa Rica has to offer – you just get the privilege of enjoying them the way nature intended.

As you plan your visit to Costa Rica, be sure to keep the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in mind when thinking about accommodations. Here, you’ll be surrounded by nature and all of its wonder, as our resort was designed to be unobtrusive in the environment. With nature preserves surrounding our resort, Montezuma only minutes away, and the beach part of the resort grounds, there’s no better way to support ecotourism while you have an amazing vacation.

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