If you’re searching for a tropical destination where you can spend the holiday season, Costa Rica should be first on your list! Costa Rica has so much to offer vacationers, all year round, even during the off-season. From the warm, coastal waters to the rich, vibrant jungles, you can literally lose yourself in the beauty of this country!

If you’re trying to decide between a city hotel and a beach resort in Costa Rica, the choice is easy – the beach always wins! With a beach resort such as the Ylang Ylang, you have instant access to beach activities without any walking, driving or waiting. The beach is right outside your door! Here at the Ylang Ylang, you can enjoy activities such as moonlit beach dining, yoga on the beach, and just swimming and soaking up the sun. Many of our seasonal celebrations take place right on the beach too, providing you with an amazing backdrop for creating memories.

If you have the chance to get away this holiday season, come to Costa Rica and stay with us at the Ylang Ylang. We’re minutes from Montezuma, we’re right on the beach and nestled in the lush jungle greenery. We offer the highest level of customer service as well as top-notch luxury accommodations. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury resort, amenities, seasonal activities, and more! We look forward to celebrating the holidays with you – in the sun, surf, and total luxury!

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