Montezuma Beaches - 10 must visit beaches near Montezuma, Costa Rica

Montezuma is a beautiful coastal town in Costa Rica known for its stunning beaches and other natural wonders. At Ylang Ylang Resort, many of these beaches are just a short distance away and have something unique to offer.

10 Picturesque Montezuma Beaches To Visit On Your Next Vacation

Here are ten of the most popular and picturesque beaches you need to see on your vacation in Montezuma.

1. Playa Montezuma

Montezuma Beach is the most convenient place to visit based on its distance to Ylang Ylang. It is one of the main beaches and is also in close proximity to other local stores and restaurants. When you arrive, be sure to check out the Montezuma Waterfalls, a famous three-tiered waterfall with a large swimming hole at the bottom. It’s only a short walk away from the beach.

2. Playa Las Manchas

Walk just a few minutes south of Montezuma Beach and you will arrive at Playa Las Manchas, which roughly translates to Stained Beach. Playa Las Manchas is quite small but very beautiful, with turquoise water, several rock formations, and white sand. The rocks form several tidepools that can be fun to snorkel in, but be mindful of the rip current here on high tide.

3. Playa Los Cedros 

If you keep walking south, the next beach you’ll find is Playa Los Cedros, or Cedars Beach. This beach can change a lot with the tides, making it a good destination for just about everybody. On low tide the beach is very wide, allowing for picnics and other activities. On high tide the waves pick up, making it ideal for surfing. Ylang Ylang Resort offers surfing lessons for beginners who want to learn.

4. Cabuya

As you travel further south towards the peninsula, you’ll find one of the most unique beaches in Montezuma. Cabuya is a small fishing village with several rocky beaches to explore. Make sure you plan your trip here on low tide, so you can walk out to the Cabuya Island Cemetery.

5. Playa Cabo Blanco

Go any further south and you’ll be at the Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve. This reserve holds Playa Cabo Blanco, a secluded beach right on the peninsula that is only accessible by boat or hike. The hike can be strenuous but it is one of the more private beaches you will find because of it.

6. Playa Santa Teresa 

One of the nicest beaches on the west side of the peninsula is Playa Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is a beautiful beach village about a one-hour drive from Ylang Ylang that offers great surfing and local cuisine.

7. Playa Piedra Colorada

If you decide to walk north of Ylang Ylang, the first place you need to go is Playa Piedra Colorada, which translates to Colored Stone Beach. Playa Piedra Colorada is one-of-a-kind, with a freshwater river flowing right into the ocean. Hike up the river to find waterfalls, calm swimming areas, and beautiful wildlife.

8. Playa Grande

Walking about half an hour north of Ylang Ylang you will find Playa Grande, one of the other main beaches in Montezuma. This is another beach with no road access, so you’ll have to walk or take a boat there. This is a long, sandy beach with a jungle backdrop full of wildlife. Visitors have spotted unique animals like Capuchin Monkeys who are known to steal your belongings, so keep them close by.

9. Playa Cocalito

A little further north is Playa Cocalito. One of the best parts about this beach is how you can get there. Ylang Ylang offers horseback rides to take you on a journey to see the beach and the famous El Chorro Waterfall, one of seven waterfalls in the world that flows directly into the ocean.

10. Playa Tambor

Last but not least is Playa Tambor, a beach further north of Playa Cocalito located in Tambor Bay. This beach can be very spacious on low tide with some beautiful scenery surrounding it. Instead of driving here, take an evening boat tour with Ylang Ylang where you can enjoy the sunset over the mountains of the peninsula. 

Discover The Best Beaches At Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica

If you’re ready to experience the beauty of Montezuma, look no further than Ylang Ylang Resort. Our resort is under an hour’s drive away from every beach mentioned and offers several guided tours to explore them. Call us at (888) 795-8494 for any questions or click here to make a booking.

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