There is no better place in the world to explore beaches and jungles together than Costa Rica, and our Costa Rica beach hotel offers incredible amenities sure to make our guests’ vacations the best they could possibly be.

We provide travelers with unique coastal rooms and bungalows that make each visit an adventure that will never be forgotten. Visitors also have access to an astounding number of wildlife that naturally make this area their home.

While taking walks along the jungle and shores, visitors can spot varying species of wildlife that include birds, monkeys, and iguanas.

But one thing our guests tend to talk about most after their stay here is our critically-acclaimed Ylang Ylang Restaurant. Our chefs prepare decadent and elegant seafood, fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of meals for savvy world travelers.

Each element of the meal comes fresh from the ocean or from local farms, orchards and plantations, delivering a depth of flavor that will awaken the taste buds like no other cuisine.

Our diners have a huge variety of options when it comes to vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dishes as well. Courses can come directly off of the grill or diners can explore the many delicacies that are offered on our sushi menu.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort also gives visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal served to them directly on the beach.

This romantic setting creates an appealing vacation atmosphere that brings everyone closer together.

With stunning views of both moonlit skies and sweeping ocean horizons at sunset and sunrise, combined with top-notch food prepared fresh to order, it’s no wonder the restaurant leaves such a lasting impression!

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