Travelling internationally is a very different experience than just traveling within the United States, but with a little planning what can seem like a daunting task is simply a matter of following a few processes. Costa Rican vacation packages give you an itinerary for while you’re in the country, and getting to the country is sometimes an adventure all its own.

Here are three things you need to travel to Costa Rica.

1. Travel Documents

You need a passport when traveling to Costa Rica. A simple Google search for passport services in your local city should provide info on where to get a passport. It’s likely your local Costa Rican consulate can help you out. DO NOT WAIT ON THIS – the process can be lengthy (weeks or even months in some cases), so get your passport as soon as possible.

2. Vaccinations

People ask about vaccinations frequently. You’ll need proper vaccinations with documentation only if flying in from South America. From the U.S. – or Panama or anywhere north, you’re a-okay!

3. Weather Report

It’s always good to know the weather where you’re headed, especially when staying at a beach hotel. Costa Rica is a tropical nation, with a formidable tropical storm season lasting from September through October. During these months the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is closed. As for the rest of the year – well, rainfall is as normal as clear skies here, so pack accordingly!

Once you take care of travel documents, vaccinations and weather planning, we can get your adventure going with our Costa Rica vacation packages. Let Ylang Ylang Beach Resort help you with making reservations. Call today.


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