travel deals to costa rica

Discounts on airfare to Costa Rica are not always available. You’re not likely to find very many discounts during their dry season, December to April, as this is peak season. During the wet season, May to November, you have the best chance at cheaper airfare. No matter when you choose to travel, you should do a bit of shopping around.

How to Find Travel Deals to Costa Rica

Do most of your rate checking on the big travel websites like TripAdvisor or Travelocity. Check several of these websites, because each one offers different rates. However, don’t buy any tickets yet. Now that you know the prices, check the airline websites. Many airlines guarantee the lowest price on their website. While there, you can also check for sales and promotions.

The decision whether to buy now or wait is a tough one. There are tools to help with this, such as Kayak’s fare history graphs. This shows you the history of when your airline offers tickets with the prices going lower or higher. Always wait until Tuesday to purchase tickets. Each Tuesday airlines release their sales and promotions.

Cash in On Your Frequent Flyer Miles

The last thing you can do to make your travel cheaper is to cash in your frequent flier miles. This option may or may not be available. It depends how many seats are left on the plane. Also, don’t forget to use your credit card to gain more miles when you purchase tickets.

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