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Our onsite Spa in Montezuma Costa Rica, Spa Ylang Ylang, is a peaceful haven. Here, nestled between the jungle and the ocean, you’ll receive relaxing, restorative treatments that nurture your mind, body and soul. So, why not try our spa in Montezuma Costa Rica?

Ylang Ylang Spa in Montezuma Costa Rica prides itself on using only the most natural ingredients found locally. We procure only the best ingredients and meticulously manage both origin and quality. Onsite spring water, tropical essential oils and fresh tropical fruits restore and balance your outer beauty and revitalize your inner health. Experience bliss at our spa in Montezuma Costa Rica.


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$205 – 3+ Hours

Half Day Package

This Package Includes:

  • A Tropical welcome juice and personal Resort orientation.
  • A Holistic Therapeutic Massage – 60 min.

  • A Kobido facial massage (for men or women) – 60 min.
  • A Fruit shake served at our swimming pool (pool towel provided) – 60 min.
  • Access to our pool for the remainder of the day (pool towel provided).
$240 – 4+ Hours

Full Day Package

This Package Includes:

  • A Spa Ylang Ylang introductory massage – 30 min.
  • Lunch a la Carte (1 main course, 1 natural juice) in our restaurant – 60 min.
  • A Spa Ylang Ylang back polish – 40 min.
  • A Rejuvenating green drink served at our pool (pool towel provided)- 30 min.
  • A Spa Ylang Ylang rejuvenating facial – 50 min.
  • Access to our pool for the remainder of the day (pool towel provided).
$205 – 2 Hours

Spa Ylang Ylang Experience

This Package Includes:

  • Spa Ylang Ylang introductory massage – 30 minutes
  • Spa Ylang Ylang back polish – 40 minutes
  • Spa Ylang Ylang rejuvenating facial – 50 minutes
$200 – 2 Hours

Just for Him

This Package Includes:

  • Montezuma deep tissue massage – 60 minutes
  • Kobido facial massage for men – 60 minutes
$230 – 2 1/2 Hours

Vitality Massage Special

This Package Includes:

  • Tension-relieving neck and back massage – 30 minutes
  • Revitalizing leg massage with our special jet lag oil – 30 minutes
  • Healing hot stone massage – 90 minutes


$70 – 45 minutes

Spa Ylang Ylang Introductory Massage

Our signature Introductory Massage is performed using natural Ylang Ylang essential oil. Perfect for quickly relaxing the muscles and clearing general tension as soon as you arrive.

$80 / $120 – 60 Minutes / 90 minutes

Sunrise Swedish

Involving soft to medium strokes of the skin and kneading of muscles. It is performed with the use of natural essential oils corresponding to your body’s need. While lubricating the skin it helps to reduce tension and increase proper circulation filling you with a general sensation of well-being.

$100 / $150 – 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Montezuma Deep Tissue

This treatment is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. Deep tissue massage uses medium to generally more intense pressures as you desire. It is also a more focused type of massage, as our therapist works to release muscle tension, attending to tired or aching muscles.

$130 – 90 Minutes

Healing Hot Stones

A specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. It combines the proven benefits of Swedish massage with deep heat and pressure provided by the stones used as tools to massage the body. The heat releases tight muscles. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage.

$90 / $120 – 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes

Holistic Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic treatment focusing on any area where muscular pains are perceived. Using medium pressure, the muscles feel a great sense of release and healing. Includes an immense array of benefits for your health and general sense of well-being. Note: 90 min treatment focuses on specific needs.

$80 – 60 Minutes

Natural Balance Foot Reflexology Massage

An exquisite coffee or mint exfoliation followed by a reflexology style massage with aromatherapy focused on the feet helping to relax mind and body. Stimulating blood circulation throughout the body while restoring the corporal energy balance. Includes a soothing Hot Stone therapy.

$70 – 45 Minutes

Tension Relieving Neck & Back Massage

One of our time efficient forms of massage working gently yet deeply into the upper body muscles with continuous flowing strokes. It completely nurtures the body, enabling you to relax, give in and simply be.

$70 – 45 Minutes

Revitalizing Legs Massage

An ideal treatment to relax and improve the general sense of well being in legs and its skin. A relaxing massage with natural seaweed cream helping to improve blood circulation, perfect after or before traveling.

$15 Each – 10 Minutes Each

Final Touches

Eye Bliss: A rejuvenating and refreshing eye treatment to restore your vitality and luminescent eyes, our light touch is accompanied by the application of our anti-aging aloe vera moisturizing gel.
Hand Bliss Massage: A reflexology massage focused on the needs of your hands. Helps to improve blood circulation and creates balance throughout the body with the use of aromatherapy oils.
Foot Bliss Massage: A reflexology massage focused on the needs of your feet. Helps to relax your entire nervous system and releases accumulated tension with the use of aromatherapy oils.
Head Bliss Massage: A reflexology massage focused on the needs of your head while helping to relax your mind and body. Helps relieve headache tension and prevention of insomnia, while accompanied by a great sense of deep relaxation.


$90 – 50 minutes

Spa Ylang Ylang Rejuvenating Facial

Our signature rejuvenating facial uses organic ingredients to purify and nourish your skin. It includes a reflexology massage with our exquisite Ylang Ylang cream, which penetrates with a relaxing aroma while stimulating your skin.

$100 – 60 minutes

Kobido Facial Massage

This special treatment cleanses, nourishes, hydrates and stimulates the skin with the application of a stimulating , cleansing and nourishing aromatic cocoa and clay mask. This facial includes an ancient Japanese style Kobido massage with our Ylang Ylang cream.

$100 – 60 minutes

Kobido Facial Massage For Men

A cleansing and profound exfoliation treatment designed specifically for the special skin care needs of men while combining the textures of a fresh mint mask with the nourishing properties and antioxidants of a cacao & clay mask. Includes an ancient Japanese style Kobido massage with virgin coconut oil.

$120 – 80 minutes

Rainforest Deep Cleansing Facial

A purifying treatment for all skin types using all natural products from Costa Rica’s rain forest. Includes a refreshing mint exfoliation, a gentle natural lifting massage with raw honey and a volcanic clay deep cleansing mask improving your skins nourishment. As well as reflexology facial massage with aloe vera promoting clear, well-hydrated skin leaving you with a bright and natural freshness.

Body Polishes

$120 – 80 minutes

Papaya Body Polish

A complete coffee exfoliation & renovation of your body using all natural ingredients including fresh Costa Rican papaya and our homegrown bananas. It will renew, hydrate, and smooth out your skin. Followed by a gentle massage with fresh Coconut cream giving your skin a real gift of pleasure.

$120 – 80 minutes

Tropical Body Polish

This all natural body polish is preformed with a raw cane sugar exfoliation followed by the application of vitamin rich cucumber and banana cream for sensitive skin. Includes a smooth massage with aloe vera and cucumber, remineralizing skin that has had prolonged sun or is naturally dry by simultaneously purifying and rehydrating it.

$70 – 45 minutes

Spa Ylang Ylang Back Polish

Our signature Back Polish includes a natural exfoliation of the neck and back with fresh mint followed by a relaxing massage with a hydrating and nourishing Ylang Ylang cream. A wonderful way to relax and replenish your upper body.

Natural Ingredients Used At Our Spa in Montezuma Costa Rica

Ylang Ylang

regulates adrenaline flow, easing feelings of panic and fear into joy. It checks rapid breathing, slowing the heartbeat. It balances skin conditions as well as promotes luxurious hair growth. It is also a natural anti wrinkle.


helps to fade and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes and firms your skin enhancing your skin’s elasticity while stimulating the release of serotonin inducing feelings of peace and well being.


is an effective moisturizer on all types of skin preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays wrinkles while firming the skin.


reduces inflammation in sensible skin. It prevents wrinkles while slowing the skins aging process and activating general blood circulation.


a tropical fruit with medicinal properties known by the natives of Costa Rica as “the fruit of the tree of good health”. Rich in vitamins A and C, it contains antioxidants that slow down the skins aging process while softening it.


our homegrown bananas are rich in vitamin A, B-6, C, K and potassium and are natural stress reducers.

Volcanic Clay

is re-mineralizing while containing anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties as well as anti-bacterial and toxic absorbent qualities when applied on skin.


hydrates and tones skin, with such vitamins as A, B, C, F AND K. It is a natural antibiotic and delays skin aging.

Raw Cane Sugar

improves blood circulation, blood cell production while being an antioxidant agent and increasing the repairing rate of skin cells.

Raw Honey

rich in mineral salts, it is composed of 70 different substances necessary to our body’s well-being. Removes wrinkles while providing skin elasticity.

Aloe Vera

well known for its numerous therapeutic properties such as skin hydration and rejuvenation. Contains organic salts and enzymes which effectively act as a natural sun block.


one of the best remedies for external skin care giving a general sense of freshness.


has relaxing properties as well as muscle pain relief and wonderful skin cleansing benefits.