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The Meaning of Ylang Ylang [ee-lang – ee-lang]

It is a yellow tropical flower, originally from Indonesia, that is known to promote creativity, sensuality, and exuberance. There are a few Ylang Ylang trees around the resort grounds and after you experience the fragrance of one you’ll never forget the amazing scent.

Our guests come to us from all over the world, looking for peace, serenity and a touch of adventure. They find all of this and more at Ylang Ylang, known for it’s beautiful beachfront property and ocean surf, which will lull you to sleep at night.

The lush, jungle property allows you to experience wildlife and nature up close and personal. Our ocean view restaurant allows you to feed, not only your stomach, but your soul with delicious, fresh, healthy and local ingredients.

Guests experience the open air jungle spa, which allows you to slow down and relax. A special place you can enjoy on your stay is our beachfront yoga studio where you can stretch, strengthen and release the tension of the busy everyday world.

The town of Montezuma offers adventure, excitement and exploration and many daily activities.

Your vacation is what you make of it, we just provide the tools to make it what you want. With the perfect balance of fun, adventure, or relaxation, there are activities for every age to enjoy. You decide what you want your vacation to look like.

Start your day with Costa Rican coffee on your private patio, enjoy a morning yoga class overlooking the ocean, refuel your body with a healthy, fresh breakfast in our restaurant and choose the days activities ahead.

Enjoy the beaches, surf, jungle, pool, spa, or town of Montezuma.

Return to Ylang Ylang in time for a drink and dinner in our beach front restaurant. Walk back to your room under the bright full moon and thousands of bright, brilliant stars that can be seen.

Enjoy the familiar faces of our staff each day, who enjoy getting to know you.
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The Ylang Ylang Story

The founders of Ylang Ylang, Lenny and Patricia Iacono, acquired this beachfront property in the late 1970s, living off of the fat of the land and earned a living selling dried fruit. From their earnings, they opened a health food restaurant, El Sano Banano in the center of Montezuma.

Slowly, they developed the beach front property that would become Ylang Ylang. They set out to create a beautiful oasis where family, friends and partners could come to enjoy the natural surroundings of Costa Rica in a secluded yet nurturing and comfortable environment.

In early 2005, they changed the name to Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, named after the exuberantly aromatic Ylang Ylang flower which grows profusely in the tropics. To distinguish itself, a lovely restaurant was morphed from the home of Lenny & Patricia into a one-of-a-kind eatery… a shady, beach front palapa a few yards from the ocean, saving the guests from having to walk into town to eat their meals and making it a more complete service.

Stone walkways snake through the property and lush gardens are everywhere. Much has changed since Patricia and Lenny bought the land the resort now resides on. Then only a grove of coconut and banana trees, years of hard work, dedication and a deep passion for nature have made the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort into what it is now.

Lenny and Patricia have since retired, but Ylang Ylang Resort in Montezuma and El Sano Banano continue to be run by their children and spouses, Moraya, Emma and Syska.

The family is around Ylang Ylang everyday, so please say hello and introduce yourself if you see them! They love to meet and welcome guests from all over the world.

Their love for nature, health, wellness, relaxation and natural adventures continues through this family run business. We feel honored that many guests return year after year to feel refreshed and renewed.

– a small piece of paradise…

Experience Paradise in Costa Rica