Our Green Iniatiatives

Ecotourism in costa rica

Solar Panels
Our solar panel garden is being used to convert energy contained within the suns rays into electricity. Providing our Ylang Ylang Beach Resort guests with all or part of their room’s use of lights, electrical outlets, fans, and air conditioners. As well as providing our Restaurant & Bar and Front Desk with all or most of its electrical needs.
We are proud to be contributing to our planet’s needs by using this sustainable energy source.
In June of 2018 we donated our old panels to the ASEPALECO Foundation and upgraded our solar panels with a new technology producing 3-4 times more than we did before. We now produce an average of 40% of our yearly consumption.

Straw Policy
We are currently a “straw-free” restaurant. We will not serve straws in our drinks unless one is specifically requested. We do have some available if needed.

Disposable cup
While we try our best to serve most drinks in glasses, we do receive requests to take drinks to the pool or beach. In those cases, we now offer compostable disposable cups.

Hot Water
We do our best to conserve electricity. The air conditioning unit in your room is used to heat the hot water tank which allows us to avoid using additional electricity for only hot water.

Compostable Bags
We are well on our way to eliminating single use plastic bags. For those that cannot be avoided, such as trash bags for in the rooms, we have switched to compostable bags.

Cleaning Products
Our cleaning products used in rooms, laundry detergent and disinfectant are all natural and biodegradable products made from eco-friendly materials. They are sourced locally and have a special “Ylang Ylang” scent.