honeymoon in costa rica

If you’re lucky enough to get to travel somewhere for your honeymoon or for a romantic getaway, you may find yourself wondering what the best place to go is. 

It doesn’t matter if you have your heart set on some far-flung corner of the world or would rather stick closer to home; you still need to find somewhere that will make the trip unforgettable. You’re in luck, we have found the best option for your next romantic destination- Costa Rica!

Choosing Costa Rica as your honeymoon destination may not be what you were expecting, it’s even better… making it the perfect choice for plenty of reasons!

Affordable Resorts to Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent choice for a honeymoon destination if you’re looking for something affordable and beautiful. 

The average cost of a hotel room in this country hovers around $200 USD per night, with the most expensive hotels being on the coast or popular vacation destinations. 

Costa Rica also offers unbeatable diving opportunities and white-sand beaches that can be enjoyed without feeling like you’re in such an isolated place. 

You can easily book a cabin rental or stay at a resort-style hotel that has delicious food and lots of amenities nearby, which helps make it possible to still experience many different parts of the country even though you have a comfortable home base close by. 

Wildlife Conservation Parks

One thing that is really unique about Costa Rica is that it was able to save its wildlife from extinction because it is home to more than 50% of all the species in Central America! 

It also has eight national parks and dozens of private nature reserves where visitors can explore lush jungles and see animals up close. 

This beautiful country has a wide range of different species living all throughout the rainforest. With over 8,000 types of animals, insects, and plants on record, you can explore new species every day. 

You can even take the whole family or your loved one along with you! It’s an unforgettable experience because nature is there for you at every turn. 

For people who are interested in conservation work or just want to help out the environment while on vacation, Costa Rica is a perfect spot as most tour operators offer volunteer opportunities for eco-tourists.

Snorkeling and Water Sports

Snorkeling and water sports are some of the most popular activities in Costa Rica. The Pacific Coast is famous for having amazing snorkeling opportunities and many people come here just to explore the underwater world. 

Whether you’re a professional diver or just have a general interest in the ocean, there are tons of excursions that cater to whatever you might be looking for! 

However, if underwater exploration isn’t your preferred activity, don’t worry – there are plenty of other things to do while on land. 

Try out river tubing with natural rafts and local crew members as they glide through rapids or find your way along rocky coastlines with kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are the best place to stay if you want a worry-free trip. All of the food, beverages, and services at these resorts are included in the price of your stay. 

That means that you can enjoy all of the amenities without having to worry about extra fees or hidden charges. You can just sit back and relax on vacation knowing that you have everything taken care of. 

All-inclusive trips allow couples to experience new things together while still having time at home where they feel comfortable. 

At an all-inclusive resort, like Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, there are resort villages right on the property with access to shops, bars, restaurants, and more so couples can experience new things together but also take some time off from adventure if they wish.

The Most Beautiful Scenery on Earth

Costa Rica is full of lush rainforests, white sand beaches, and a plethora of wildlife all ready to experience first-hand. 

Some other great features that make this country such a popular choice are the soaring mountains and epic volcanoes, which offer stunning views as well as incredible spots for hiking. This diverse landscape means there’s plenty to do no matter what you’re looking for! 

Costa Rica is also home to one of the most biodiverse places on earth, the Guanacaste National Park, which offers tons of outdoor activities including waterfalls and zip lining. If an adventurous time is what you crave, then this is your place!

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort: Honeymoon in Costa Rica at Our Luxurious Beach Resort

Thanks to its beautiful beaches, jungles, diverse ecosystems and so much more, we’re pretty sure that you’ll never want to leave Costa Rica. 

If you want all the luxurious perks that come with vacationing in exotic places, the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica will not disappoint! 

Our spacious beachfront accommodations and bungalows provide the ideal location for a honeymoon vacation in Costa Rica. Our boutique hotel is situated right on a white sandy beach and flanked by beautiful, tropical gardens, and rainforests filled with diverse wildlife. 

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