The fees from both flights and hotels tend to add up over time. It would be shocking to see just how much frequent travelers and vacationers spend each year on various fees. When you’re planning your Costa Rican vacation, consider the fees involved. You can also avoid or reduce many fees using the following tips:

  1. Avoid last minute changes in plans. Did you know that most airlines and hotels charge a fee if you change your travel dates? Avoid these fees entirely by not changing travel plans. Or, you could pay more for refundable tickets with the airline. For the hotel stay, look for rooms that allow you to cancel with 24 to 48 hours’ notice.
  2. Look for hidden fees within your hotel booking. On many travel booking websites, extra fees are not always clear. In many cases, you can find some fees in small print if you read over all the information on each hotel’s page.
  3. Before booking your vacation, call and ask about any extra fees. Make sure your baggage is below the weight limit and be aware of the carry-on rules.
  4. Many hotels charge extra fees for some of their amenities. This may mean a charge for extra towels or bedding. You may also get charged for consuming any food or drink that might seemingly come with the room. This is why it’s prudent to always read the fine print.

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