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When choosing your next vacation, it could be hard to find a place that accommodates your dietary needs. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your plant-based diet while on vacation, that’s why Ylang Ylang Resort is the perfect resort and honeymoon destination in Costa Rica. 

Whether you are sticking to your diet or wanting to try something new, Ylang Ylang Resort caters to all vegan and vegetarian travelers. Choosing a plant-based diet can be beneficial in several ways, especially on vacation. Let’s explore how a plant-based diet can help enhance your experience in Costa Rica.

A Plant-Based Diet Will Support Your Immune System

Everyone hates getting sick while on vacation. You don’t want to waste a special trip with friends, family or loved ones because you caught a last-minute cold. Thankfully, a plant-based diet could go a long way in strengthening your immune system. 

Studies have shown that using a plant-based diet can improve your quality of health and immune responses to disease. If you are looking to go the extra mile to avoid getting sick or are simply a health-conscious individual, a plant-based diet could be worth a try.

Raise Your Energy Levels with a Plant-Based Diet 

There’s so much to do in the beautiful town of Montezuma, Costa Rica. From ziplining through the jungle to sport fishing in the Pacific, Ylang Ylang Resort has plenty of adventures for active  travelers. 

You will not want to feel sluggish or fatigued when you begin the vacation of a lifetime. A plant based diet can help boost energy levels, allowing you to experience Costa Rica to the fullest. 

Reduce Inflammation and Improve Digestion with a Plant-Based Diet 

Inflammation can be caused by many things, but did you know your diet also influences how bad it gets? Don’t let inflammation prevent you from exploring everything Ylang Ylang has to offer. Some of the foods in a plant-based diet are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can allow the body to heal itself quicker. This can be beneficial for travelers who deal with chronic inflammation like arthritis. 

Plant-based foods are high in fiber and easily digestible which can lower your risk of encountering digestive problems on vacation. They also contain lots of water, making it a great way to prevent dehydration in a hot area like Costa Rica. 

Enjoy Plant-Based Meals at Ylang Ylang Resort in Costa Rica 

Ylang Ylang is one of the few resorts in Costa Rica that offers a plant-based cuisine along with everything else you’d wish to find at a tropical getaway. It is located right on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by a vast rainforest full of waterfalls, swimming holes and wildlife. 

Some of our amenities include a spa, swimming pool, yoga studio and the Ylang Ylang Restaurant & Bar, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our restaurant serves a variety of locally sourced meat, seafood and vegan dishes. Check out our vegan and raw food options on our website. 

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