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While the recent pandemic may have quashed romance for many couples, love finds a way. Having now lived through a pandemic, lockdowns, political turmoil, and economic crisis, there are undoubtedly countless couples out there ready to celebrate their love. Nothing consummates the mutual adoration between newlyweds like enjoying a honeymoon in the botanical gardens in Costa Rica.

As a honeymoon destination Costa Rica has so much to offer, from its many resorts to its pristine beaches, it truly is the idyllic destination for newlyweds. Although simply being there may not feel romantic enough, some couples may seek out different romantic or adventurous activities. These activities can not only make your honeymoon more romantic, they can also cement the whole occasion in both your minds and hearts.

Here is a look at some romantic activities which can enhance your honeymoon destination Costa Rica.

Botanical Gardens in Costa Rica

Is there anything more romantic than flowers? They represent beauty and love and remind us of the magic that happens when two things come together. Botanical gardens offer a glimpse into both local and exotic plant life, often showcasing a variety of pulchritudinous flowers. There are several botanical gardens in Costa Rica that offer a variety of different lengths of a walk, and boast different flora and fauna.

1 . Wilson Botanical Garden, Las Cruces Biological Station

Located in San Vito de Coto Brus, the Wilson Botanical Garden was created in 1962 by Robert and Catherine Wilson, alongside noted Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. It is one of the world’s most famous botanical gardens and is a hot spot for tropical birding. The garden focuses on palm and bromeliad cultivation and has  2,000 plant species (including 650 palms), 400 native and migratory birds, 800 butterfly species, and 100 mammal species.

2. Lankester Botanical Garden, Cartago

Another world famous botanical garden, this one was founded by Charles Lankester a British naturalist and orchid enthusiast. By working alongside expert horticulturalists, Lankester dedicated his life to making one of the most comprehensive orchid gardens in Central America. In 1973 it was donated to the University of Costa Rica, which now manages the park and onsite research facility. The Lankester Botanical Garden has 3,000 plant species, almost 1,000 of which are native and exotic orchids.

3. The Green Ark Botanical Garden, San Jose

Conveniently located near the capital of Costa Rica, The Green Ark is more of an interactive garden that aims to promote both the economic and practical uses for plants. Founded by Harve ‘Tommy’ Thomas and Patricia Riley, who have spent countless years collecting and growing a huge variety of plants from around the world. Offering both guided and unguided tours, the Green Ark encourages visitors to experience the plants through the medium of their senses: touch, smell, feel, taste, and sight.

4. The Chocolate Forest & Botanical Gardens in Costa Rica

If there was anything in the world that could compete with flowers for the most romantic object, it would be chocolate. There is something truly sensual about chocolate, not only in its marketing but even in how our brain responds to the chemicals in it. Most people absolutely adore chocolate but have little to no idea how it goes from cacao bean to chocolate bar.

Caribbean’s Chocolate Forest Tour

A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Caribbeans Chocolate Forest Tour guides visitors through a cacao plantation and shows them the many ways that beans become bars. Located near Puerto Viejo, this experience comes with all the chocolate you can eat, as well as organic wine.

Hot Springs & Botanical Gardens in Costa Rica

Spas and jacuzzis have always had an element of romance, due to their intimate steamy nature. So what could be more romantic than experiencing the joys of a spa in nature? Truly nothing compares to spending time together in a pool heated by volcanic activity deep under the earth.

1. Ecotermales Hot Springs

A family-owned hot spring which limits its daily guests, the Ecotermales Hot Springs have several pools, one even has a cascading waterfall. They also have an on-site restaurant that serves Costa Rican cuisine, the perfect way to end a day relaxing in that natural warmth.

2. Baldi Hot Springs

With 20+ pools and several slides, the Baldi Hot Springs offers more variety than the Ecotermales and may be more suitable for those honeymoons with the kids. They also have an on-site bar and restaurant for all your dining and sipping pleasure.

Preparing For Your Honeymoon Destination Costa Rica

Of course these activities will define the romance of the days during your honeymoon destination Costa Rica, but you may be wondering how can you bring the night up to the same level of romance. Ylang Ylang resort is located on Playa Montezuma, and has a range of romantic packages, meals, and activities to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

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