When you consider traveling, it’s best to know what type of climate to expect. When you travel to Costa Rica, this is especially true. The small country is located just north of the equator. This means it has a tropical climate. However, the country does have several micro-climates that vary in temperature.

Costa Rica has two climates, dry and wet. The dry season (December-April) has the least amount of rainfall and is considered to be summer. The wet season (May-November) is the closest thing Costa Rica has to a winter. The dry season offers the best weather and the least amount of rain. During the wet season, there’s a lot of rain that causes flooding in some of the outlying areas.

Travel to Costa Rica is more desirable during the dry season. Be sure to book rooms and plane tickets well in advance. Travel accommodations often require a deposit at the time of booking. Expect higher prices and more people during this time. There are also few travel deals and discounts.

The wet season is the best time of year to travel on a smaller budget. Rooms and discounts are plentiful. Prices all over the country are also lower during this time, since it’s not peak travel season. However, there’s a mini peak of travel during June and July. There are fewer crowds at this time. Remember that road conditions and weather reports must be checked daily to avoid the rain and inland flooding.

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