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While the marriage ceremony is the most celebrated part of our union as couples, it’s the honeymoon that takes the cake. The tradition itself has been around for quite some time, having begun during the Belle Époque in the late 1800s as one of the first instances of mass tourism. Recent years have seen the proliferation of air travel to the point where it’s more affordable than ever, making this the best time to go on a honeymoon in all of human history. The one thing that holds people back from an amazing Costa Rica Honeymoon, is the costa rica trip cost. That’s why we broke down the costs you can expect when you honeymoon in Costa Rica.

When it comes to any kind of travel, often people will be apprehensive, believing that it’s going to cost a small fortune even for a short trip. While this is true in some places, there are plenty of places out there that are both beautiful and affordable. A honeymoon destination in Costa Rica might be your best bet.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Cost & Budgeting for The Honeymoon

As it is more of a celebration, it’s fair to assume that honeymoons are going to cost more than a trip for travel’s sake. During your honeymoon, you’ll want to spoil both your partner and yourself with delicious food and idyllic accommodation.

The average honeymoon is reported to cost $5,000 for 7 days/6 nights. Although this figure may be a bit high for Costa Rica, where the cost of food, accommodation, and activities is relatively lower than say European countries.

Budgeting for Your Costa Rican Vacation

Costa Rica has developed a burgeoning tourist industry in recent years, due to its plentiful national parks, pristine coastlines, and affordability in both food and accommodation. The average cost for a couple to stay a week in Costa Rica is around $1,000, which may seem much more achievable than the aforementioned honeymoon budget. Although, it’s important to remember that you’ll probably want to go above and beyond on food and accommodation.

1. Cost of Food in Costa Rica

The food of Costa Rica is fairly similar to that of the other Mesoamerican countries which surround it, and may already be familiar to you. Although, what’s surprising isn’t the food itself, but rather the cost of food in more tourist areas, with many restaurants charging between $10 and $20 per meal.

As this is your honeymoon, you should expect to pay $10 to $20 for each meal during the day, and perhaps up to $30 to $40 for dinners. Although, if you and your partner are feeling adventurous, you could try out one of the local restaurants called Sodas where you’ll find a meal for $5 to $10. Alternatively, you could purchase cereal from the supermarket and fruit from local markets and save a lot of money on breakfasts and snacks.

If you can afford to do so, countless eco-restaurants provide plant-based meals at a reasonable rate ($10 to $20 range). Many of these are gaining their fame from growing their own food on-site and using the food to educate tourists and locals about plant-based diets and growing locally.

2. Cost of Accommodation in Costa Rica

When considering accommodation for your honeymoon destination Costa Rica, you will have options. The most popular are the beachfront resorts which dot along the coastlines and provide that truly on holiday feeling.

Be prepared to splash out on a beautiful room for your honeymoon, this will likely cost upwards of $100 a night, but it will be well worth it.

Also be sure to look into any honeymoon packages that might be on offer, here at Ylang Ylang we have a wedding package that includes a bottle of wine on arrival, a couple’s massage, and a 3-course romantic beach dining experience.

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Costa Rica Trip Costs When Your Budget is Tight

Just because you’re limited by your budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all the trimmings, here are some tips for bringing down the cost of your honeymoon destination Costa Rica.

1. Travel During the Off Season

As with any tropical country, Costa Rica has on-seasons and off-seasons. During the on-seasons, one can expect perfect weather, crowded beaches, and paying a premium on most things. Whereas during off-seasons the weather may not be as golden, but the beaches will be quieter and prices will be lowered.

2. Include your Honeymoon on your Wedding Registry

A great way to make your honeymoon a dream that won’t financially cripple you is by setting up a honeymoon registry alongside or instead of your wedding registry. This will allow your friends and family members to help you and your partner celebrate your matrimony.

3. Plan it Perfectly

Careful planning can be just what is needed to keep within budget, be sure to ask for help from your partner, friends, or family if you need help planning.

Planning A Costa Rica Honeymoon & Calculating the Costa Rica Trip Cost

Here at Ylang Ylang, we’re excited to start seeing honeymooning couples on our shores once again. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a romantic streak which is perfect for honeymooners, especially after the last few years we’ve had. If you’d like to see our honeymoon packages, or for questions check out our FAQ.

To book your trip contact us today.

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